Javier Iezin

Violin, Ear Training, Finale, Musescore, Music Theory, Rhythm Training, Score Preparation, Spanish

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I am a professional violinist, playing music from all ages, styles and genres. From ancient baroque music to Trap music. Also, I play and record meditative music.
I have recorded at many Spotify music albums, as well as video productions and music for advertising.
I have played violin in many orchestras in concerts, events, recital, festival, opera. I performed for 10 years as violinist and music producer in my company dedicated to live music for social private events, si I am trained yo study, learn and play a wide range of music styles, genres, artists and music from all decades. Last year I performed as concertmaster in rock band orchestra playing Argentine tribute music of Vox dei, Charly Garcia and Joan Manuel Serrat.
What's more important, I am graduated in violin teaching from Manuel de Falla's Conservatory in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
In July 2021 I took masterclass with Maestro Valeria Zorina from Katarina Gurska Superior Institute of Music of Madrid.
Nowadays, I continue taking violin lessons with violin master from Teatro Colon Philarmonic Orchestra in Buenos Aires.
I have 18 years studying and playing violin. I have 15 years of teaching experience. I taught 1 on 1 and group lessons from kids to adults, from beginners to intermediate level.
I taught violin in Grilli Canning College primary school of Buenos Aires since 2020, delivering weekly group violin lessons for child from 8 to 12 years.
Do you want to playing the music you love? Do you want to improve your playing skills?
Let me guide you through the learning process you need.

I have a student based teaching style. It's really important for me that you can play the music you love, so I focus my purposes on sharing specific tools such as technique, musical exercises, music theory, music sheet reading, ear training, coordination practice, rhythm training, melodic training. I choose between them depending on the student requirements. My classes are full of examples, I love thinking daily common phrases to explain an action or movement with your hand, fingers or bow, as well as describing body sensations.
One of the main goals of my lessons is physical comfort and tension releasing. Sometimes we will spend some minutes making movements with shoulders, arms, wrists, head and neck and I will encourage you to have a balanced playing position sitting and standing, so get ready to receive posture adjustments advice.
My studies as a musician and teacher are academic based, but nowadays I work hard to develop creative tools to reach any repertoire with a diverse group of students.

I choose melodies, studies and exercises from authors such as Suzuki, Applebaum, Polo, Sevcick, Kayser and Kreutzer. Apart from that I love creating personalized exercises and if you are keen on musical language, I match this activity with musical reading and writing, so you will write your own studies on sheet music.

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