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Acoustic Guitar, Artist Development, Audition Prep, College Audition Prep, Country Voice, Electric Guitar, Pop Voice, Posture and Movement Coaching, Public Speaking, R&B Voice, Singing, Songwriting, Ukulele, Voice

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  • Timid or new singers or people who have never sung before.

  • Feeling and intuitive based singing mixed with a solid foundation in understanding anatomy, breathing and inner ear training.

  • Research and selection of contemporary repertoire for auditioning students.

  • Level I Music Theory,  Songwriting, Music Theory for Songwriters, Sight Reading and Solfege,  Contemporary Vocal Pedagogy.

  • Mentoring students with recording projects and how to make the best out of your time in the studio.

  • Developing customized lesson plans, based on individual learning styles and student goals, including using music education software such as Garage Band and Piano Maestro.

  • Giving students a firm grasp on foundations of voice and guitar to maintain health and life long singing and playing.

  • Specialize in helping students prepare for auditions and live performance.

As a singer-songwriter, Jenee has performed over 1,000 live shows in 6 countries and 21 states over 11 years.  She has released three full-length albums and two EPs and received critical acclaim from over 20 publications including Q Magazine, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, No Depression, Maverick Magazine, and The Boston Herald.  She has also opened for and shared the stage with award-winning, internationally touring artists including Shawn Colvin, The Wailin’ Jennys, Loudon Wainwright III and LeAnne Rimes. Jenee has a certification in Vocology, the study and habilitation of the voice and 7+ years of teaching experience under her belt.  

Jenee Halstead is also the founder of Inner Song and a holistic vocal and self-expression coach, teacher, and energy healer.  For the last 15 years, Jenee has also studied energy medicine, natural healing modalities, spiritual principles and vocal science. Her years of experience as a performing songwriter – combined with this diverse training – have led her to discover that sound healing and expression work can liberate others on their journeys of self-discovery, wellness, and healing. Jenee has now made it her mission to help others embody a fully aligned, expressed, whole, and healthy self through voice.


I try to make music fun and enjoyable first and foremost.  I will usually approach anything I teach from a song because this is what is most relatable to students.  From the song we can dissect theory, work on singing,  guitar or ukulele technique.  I try to make the information  easy to understand with small and digestible lessons about theory.   I will usually work a song in sections, gravitating on what will be most enjoyable to play first and go from there.  I want you to  feel awesome and empowered and leave feeling like  you did something great.  I will answer any questions you have and take the time to make everything approachable.   I will teach more advanced musical concepts and theory based on inquiry and ability.   I should be able to access your learning style in the first 15 minutes of a lesson.

National Center for Voice and Speech Vocology Certification,
B.A. from Gonzaga University

 Voice Lessons:

Foundations of Vocal Anatomy, Breathing Technique and Breath Support

Freedom in Resonance, Release of Tension

Habilitation of the Voice due to Overuse or Injury

Warming Up and Proper Care of the Voice

Posture - How Posture Can Affect Your Singing

Tone - Belting, Tambre, Experimenting with Tone

Pitch - Singing on key, Building the Inner Ear

Emotionality and Expression

Finding Your Voice - How is your voice unique, interesting, different and beautiful? Let’s find it!

Performance Technique - How to overcome stage fright, work with a band, microphone technique, understanding equipment

Songwriting Lessons

Commonly used Song Forms, Lyric Structures and Chord Structures

Breaking Down Songs - analyze and understand what makes some of your favorite songs tick! We look at chord progression, melody and lyric, rhyme scheme and format.  We get to the heart of why you love these songs and gain tools to write similarly.

Dealing with the internal critic and creative blocks and how to overcome them.

Sensory and object writing and other tools for getting your creative juices flowing.

Songwriting exercise assignments and practices

How to Write Chord Charts

Guitar Lessons:

How to Tune Your Guitar

Right and Left Hand Technique: fingerpicking patterns, using a pick, strumming, fretting

Anatomy Lessons and Hacks for successful, free and easy playing

Standard Chords and Bar Chords

Playing and Singing at the same time

Playing with Open Tunings

How to Play Electric Guitar - pickups, amplifiers and using electronics

Ukulele Lessons:

How to Tune Your Ukulele

Right and Left Hand Technique - fingerpicking patterns, thumb playing, strumming

Basic Chords

Playing and Singing at the Same Time

Piano Lessons

Playing Your Favorite Songs - I will have you playing your favorite songs quickly and with ease

Working on all Major Scales, Minor Scales and Modes

Chord inversions and Voicings

Right and Left Hand Technique

Learning the Diatonic Scale and Numbering System

Applying scales to improvisation techniques


Understanding sheet music and and how to read melody and song format.

Using software to improve reading.

Learning to read both treble and bass clef.

Simple weekly melodic practices to get reading quickly.

Counting out loud or playing with metronome.

Sight-Singing or Solfege practices to go along with learning to sing the notes you are reading.

Music Theory:

Musical Notation - how to read notes and understand sheet music

Time Signatures - understanding the foundations of rhythm, working in various time signatures, being able to read rhythm, work with a metronome

Clefs, Sharps, and Flats- Learning how flats and sharps work, and being able to read notes in different clefs.

Key Signatures - Understanding what key you are playing in and easily be able to play the scale you are in.

Scales - Major, Minor, Modes

Chords and Chord Structures

Ear Training and Intervals

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