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ACT Reading, ACT Writing, Algebra I, Algebra II (Advanced Algebra), AP Macroeconomics, AP Psychology, AP US History, English, ESL, English Literature, Grades K-8 Math, ISEE (All Sections), Pre-Algebra, SAT Essay, SAT Reading, SAT Writing & Language, SSAT (All Sections)

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Hello all, my name is Jess Pepper Wang. I used to run my own tutoring company before it was acquired and I moved on to build K-8 learning  software products after. I am currently taking a long break from software and going back to my roots: instruction. I have 7 years of experience tutoring the ACT (verbal) and SAT (verbal) and AP Psychology, AP Economics, and AP US History. I build software products and curriculum for both the ISEE and SSAT and K-8 English Language Arts. If you want to verify my credentials, please feel free to find me on LinkedIn under Jess Wang. One of things I think I am really good at is: assessment. Whether that be assessing my students or myself. I am very realistic with my goals and don't overpromise and under deliver.  You will never hear me say I know something when I don't and I will never promise you something if I don't think you have the bandwidth for it currently. But will I try to learn something with you that you and I might both be unfamiliar with? You bet 300% because I don't give up easily. 

I like to take a more relaxed but yet effective approach to teaching. I will clearly define the goals for you before we start tutoring and after I assess you and will check-in on your understanding consistently while making the session feel like a chat or social interaction. I will always tell you the WHY, HOW, and WHAT in that order. 

Sold my own tutoring company in 2016 and UCLA graduate and University of Sheffield UK researcher

Learning is driven by logic and strategy. I recommend all students to read up on simple logic rules that will have you thinking about the way you think and improve your communication 10 fold i.e. If A is always B, is B always A? This is an invaluable way of thinking especially for standardized tests!

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