João Rocha

Pop Piano, Classical Composition, Classical Piano, Composition, Counterpoint, Piano, Piano Composition, Rock Piano, Songwriting Harmony

Lesson Fees
from $25.00 / 30 Minutes


I started my music studies at the age of 10 in the classical organ class, at 11 i started in the piano class at the Valentim Moreira de Sá Music Academy, until 2002.
 During that time, i held music improvement workshops with pianists such as Inga Dsekster or Tânia Achot.
 At the age of 15 i made my first composition for solo piano, two years later was performed my first concert presenting unpublished works of my own.
I started my activity as a teacher in music education in 2006, teaching until the present, in colleges, academies, senior universities, institutions and schools of
Studied composition with Fernando Lapa and continue to develop studies and research in this area until the present.
72 works have been composed to date, for piano and various instruments in solo and ensemble format, also performing various arrangements and transcriptions.
From 2018 to 2020  developed projects in inclusive teaching with a therapeutic objective.
Was artistic director and musical composer of the “PELE” project. An artistic and social project that aimed to enhance inclusion and accessibility, through artistic practices, for people with disabilities.
There is an active presence in performances such as commemorative festivals or dance and theater soirees.
At the moment I teach piano, musical training and music education, and also a music teacher in musical theater plays.
I develop workshops and music courses for children and seniors.
I´m developing a multidisciplinary project with works of my own, combining music, dance, theater and literature.
Also develop work that combines speech therapy and
musical training for the development of the child's language skills.

The student must feel comfortable, however, dedicated and motivated to add value in learning.
We all have different paces and learning needs. Achieving these needs, through appropriately individual processes, is an asset for a correct pedagogy, and for the student to feel motivated and with a constant desire to evolve.

My teaching method is essentially pragmatic, based on offering a comprehensive knowledge of music theory, musical culture and music history as a complement to the instrument.

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