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The piano has been my home, my soul and my voice for 50+ years. I dreamed of being able to play the music I heard in my dreams and in my imagination from an early age...and now I can do it!

I have written and/or composed 25+ works for the stage and seen all of them produced. I have produced 3 albums, writing most of the material on them. I have competed in many competitions as a young man, won quite a few, lost some as well. 

I have made my living as a musician since age 16, playing for churches, musical theater productions, ballet classes, voice lessons, piano bar, bands, corporate productions, etc. There's pretty much nothing related to piano that I haven't done.

My hope is to shed light on what you are capable of and then make it happen in small, achievable steps. 

Music should be fun. Life is too short to play music that you're not absolutely in love with. This is my north star.

I believe the unique musical wiring of each individual is the most powerful artistic energy in that person.

I am passionate about finding how each of my students are wired for music and then exploring the music that resonates with that wiring. Not every student is the same, so the path to success is different for each. I bring to the table a diverse wealth of knowledge about many kinds of music and many kinds of applications for that music. I have a very successful track record of guiding students into the kinds of music that they love to play, many even making careers out of that passion.

ASCAP Member
Masters Certificate in Orchestration for Film & TV, Berklee College of Music, 2010
Bachelors of Music Composition from the University of Montevallo, 1982
Piano studies with Henry Rauch, Joan Cowan & Sylvia Rabinof.
Composition studies with Edwin C. Robertson.

Music discovery= what music does the student LOVE?

Music creation= what are the different methods of learning to play that music, ie., reading scores, charts, playing by ear, etc. Being able to "speak" music, not just track black dots on a page.

Music notation= learning to read music by first writing it.

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