Jonathan Busch

Brass, Classical Composition, Composition, French Horn, Sibelius

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Hello my name is Jon Busch and I am a classical musician specializing in French horn, score reading/arranging, composition, Sibelius music notation, brass and more.  I study with the previous Principal Horn of the New York Philharmonic, Philip Myers and hold a degree from NYU.  I am active in the freelance market and on the audition trail worldwide.  I specialize in teaching from scratch to expert and everywhere in between.  Proper technique and support are key!

My teaching style involves suggesting techniques to try to see what works for oneself.  I am goal driven and result oriented for myself and my students.  I encourage students take time to listen to recordings of pieces as this is crucial in the development of one's music career regardless of how intense that may be.  Over time, students will listen to recordings with a better understanding of the piece through score analysis to understand phrasing structure and how their part fits into the whole.  Students can also learn how to make and map out their own parts through music notation software (I use Sibelius), how to clean their instrument, decide what equipment works best for them and more.  French horn players will get a comprehensive technique covering breathing, tonguing, accessing high, middle and low registers, and more.  My techniques work on all, including those who have had jaw surgeries and have had to start over completely from scratch.  Each person is unique and so the lesson structure will be specially tailored to each student to fit their needs and help them get closer to their playing goals.  Contact me today for a free 15 minute consultation!

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