Jonathan Dror

Bansuri, Didgeridoo, Duduk, Flute, Fuyara, Ney Flute, Saxophone, Soprano Sax

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Discounted price for subscriptions


Jonathan (Yonnie) Dror is a wind instrument artist that was born and raised in Jerusalem. he acquired his formal education at the Buchman Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University studying classical flute. 

Growing up in a unique, multicultural and diverse atmosphere stimulated his curiosity to delve into the cultural richness through wind instruments: He began to research and specialize in playing exotic instruments from the Middle East and around the world: duduk, ney, shofar, bansuri, didgeridoo, fujara and many more. 

His expertise and distinct repertoire and scope, led him to perform and record with Israel’s top stars and most renowned and influential musicians, as well as touring constantly around the world, and performing in major World Music festivals.

As Teacher my first priority is getting a good sound out of the instrument, since this is where it all begins.

Understanding first of all on how breath and getting the right air flow into the instrument.

I'm very experienced teaching to grown up beginners who just want good basics to start with and professional Saxophone or flute players that want to improve their doubling skills .

For the bold and curious I give lessons on the amazing wind instruments : Duduk, Nay, Zorna and I have a special method on how to teach circular breathing on the Didgridoo

Graduated  B.Mus. on flute from The Israeli Academy of Music which is now the Buchman-Mehta School of Music. 

Graduated on Duduk from The Center For Middle Easten Music in Jerusalem 

I was teaching saxophone and flute in various places among them:  Music Center Tel Aviv Yafo, Ramat Gan Music Center. Teaching Didgeridoo classes in the Human and Environment School in Gaash.

I was an active participant with three music groups from Israel between 2011-2018 in the Arts Mid West World Fest giving workshops and masterclasses. 

Recorded and performed with Israel's top Artists such as Rita and Dudu Tassa

My arrangement for the Yamma Ensamble which I'm one of founders of PSLMS has reached over 9M views on Youtube

In 2016 I recorded with the band Baladino (Which I formed with other two members) and the Fifth House Ensamble the Neduduim Album that was considered to a GRAMMY award.

I have two mini albums out of my original composition, Winds of a Soulful Night and Seven Raindrops.

As an Music Academy  graduate on flute I teach in the method of Marcel Moise of tone development and technique. For Duduk I will use the Complete Method and Repertoire by Georgy Minasov and Alina Pahlevanyan. On the didgeridoo I teach according to a method I developed. On the Nay flute I teach the tone development and the basics of the Maqam 


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