Jonny Mantra

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Lead Guitar, Metal Guitar, Neo Soul Guitar, Rock Guitar, Slide Guitar

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Hello! My name is Jonny Java Mantra and I was born in the Bronx, NYC. I have been playing guitar for 30 years (since the age of 6.) I am a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and La Guardia HS of Music, Art, and Performing Arts in NYC. I have traveled and toured the world performing for over 15 years and I currently play guitar for the US Army Band in Colorado Springs. I play and teach any and all styles of music and love to guide and bring out the creative force from my students in any way that I can while having a total blast in the process. I love new music technology but I also love to explore the instrument and music traditionally and organically. I am also the inventor of the revolutionary fingertip guitar slide called "The Java Slide". I enjoy fitness, nature, nutrition, sustainability, meditation, subtle energy practices, emerging technologies, and write my own music and shows. I love to sing as well and write comedy music too. I will help you unleash your super powers, creative potential, and help release the infinite within you! 

I will show you pretty much anything you want to learn and never hold back anything. I will also show you lots of fun secrets that a lot of teachers might not show you. :) All levels are welcome. I love teaching concepts that are easy to grasp and that you can dig into instantly. I'm pretty good at breaking things down for any and all levels since I was most definitely  wherever you're at some point and I'm sure I can learn a lot from you as well!  I can also show you a bunch of easy tricks on the instrument that sound really cool and some ways to use available technology too. I love to have fun and get people creating ASAP!


I’ve got a bachelors degree in music performance from Berklee College of Music. I actually used to play in a Jazz Fusion band with the members of Imagine Dragons and played with Ian Axel from Great Big World a few times! I’ve got music on TV and internet shows like “She’s Gotta Have It”, “Risk”, and more. I currently play guitar for the US Army Band and graduated from the Army School of Music. I invented a really cool fingertip guitar slide called The Java Slide. I can also yodel really well for some reason... :)

Creativity is king. :) The method will be uniquely designed  for you to get you wherever you want to go and beyond. I've been playing and teaching for a very long time and definitely know how to tap into your greatness and help make little tweaks that go a long way. We can do anything from chop/technique building for speed and ease of playing, music theory, learning cool riffs and songs, fun tricks, technology, recording, songwriting, sight reading, specific styles, unorthodox techniques, arranging, playing in a band, guitar pedals, tricks of the trade and important info, ironing out the kinks etc. The sky is the limit. :)

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