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Bass Guitar, Ableton Live, Acoustic Guitar, Apple Logic Pro, Artist Development, Audio Recording and Music Production, Avid Pro Tools, Baritone Ukulele, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Composition, Electric Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, General Mixing and Mastering, Jazz Guitar, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Voice, Lead Guitar, Metal Guitar, Music Directing, Music Theory, Neo Soul Guitar, New Age Piano, Percussion, Piano Composition, Pop Piano, Pop Voice, R&B Voice, Rap and Lyrics, Rock Guitar, Rock Voice, Singing, Slide Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele, Voice
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Graduate of Shenandoah University/Conservatory. 
Bachelors of Music in Audio Production with a minor in Jazz guitar

Currently working on a Masters of Audio Production

I make tracks daily and play multiple instruments like guitar bass drums keys and sing some, but I am definitely more a musician and I live to create music

I can help develop music with you from scratch or enhance what you already have recorded  

Loves collabs so DM me for that ;)

I also teach music of all styles up to a college level for theory and audio production

All the basics all the way to advanced music theory, finger style and pick techniques, hybrid picking, improvisation, sight reading, songwriting, lyric writing, composing, arranging, digital recording, using different DAW's, lyric writing and more

Lessons are structured to your goals and/or desires. There are so many paths to choose. Are you a tinkerer who wants to become more professional?  Are you trying to play live for the first time ever or maybe in years? Shake off the rust? Are you just starting out? Are you advanced, but stuck and need guidance to expand your repertoire or skill tree? I can help and will be a great guide for any path you chose. I've been in dozens of bands, opened for Tito Puente Jr., taught Bette Midler private lessons, played at Birdland in NYC and the Viper Room in LA among many others   

I have funk band called Plasm. Check it out on youtube or IG follow the links below.

I have also recorded 6 full length albums up on all the platforms. All records were written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by me at my studio and there have been many studios over the years.
I have the experience to help you with your recording endeavors as well as your “chops”.
I do session work and can play guitar, ukulele, mandolin, bass, piano, sing or program/play drums for your tracks.

Guitar lessons with him will be geared for people that want to be players, composers, producers or masters of Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Folk, Blues, Electronic, R&B, Hard Rock, Metal, Classical, EDM, Disco, Funk, Latin, etc... I will train students to be creative and not to just recite music or regurgitate from a page

Here are some links 
Have a great day :)

















CHANK -John Scofield tune



Record #2 Lugenbühl

Record #3 Extras

Record #4 Lugenbühl

Previous Band “Sloppy Joe & the Lunch Ladies”

Instrumentals and Electronic Lugenbühl;

Record #3

More Plasm Band tunes

Record #1 can be found on Spotify and was self titled “Joe Luckinbill” 

Joe also shoots and makes his own music videos, does animation and layered art. 

Check out his music videos and live performances here at 





I teach chords, scales, solo style, finger style, pinch harmonics, flat picking, classical finger technique, strum patterns, everything is to a click track (metronome). I swear by the click. Loop pedals are helpful for these lessons as well. 

I teach you how to teach yourself as well and how to fish versus just giving you some riffs to memorize, I can show you how to construct your owns chords, riffs, progressions, songs, etc until you no longer need that push and then you’re off to the races:)

I have a degree in music for Audio Engineering, Studio Recording, Jazz Guitar, Classical Guitar and Bass.
I played guitar in jazz and classical ensembles each semester of my time at SU (Shenandoah University)

I also played bass in the jazz ensemble for 4 semesters and took jazz piano and voice as electives.

I have played in and been leader of about 15 bands since 2001, recorded 6 solo records and 12 for other people. I wrote the music for, played all the instruments (except the horns), recorded, mixed and mastered them. Links below
Also please check my youtube page for music videos and live performances. I have made all the music videos as well.;

Also check out Souncloud and type in “Plasm Band” to hear my latest project which is a funk fusion jazz band kind of like Frank Zappa meets the RHCP

I use Hal Leonard, Mel Bay and Real Books mainly, especially for beginners, but I also have students learning modern or classic cover songs along with sight reading and chord studies. 

It’s not necessary to learn theory, sight reading, chordal harmony, etc just to play the guitar, bass or ukulele for instance, but it is a good idea to learn how it all works. That being said, if you just want to learn one song or piece of music for a special event (wedding, birthday) I can teach you just what you need to know:)

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