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Hi my name is Josh and I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and have been teaching for more than a decade. I have a lot of experience as a working rock and jazz guitarist and am highly proficient in both styles. I love working with students to help develop their passion for the instrument and bring their playing to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or have some years under your belt and are stuck in a rut, I am delighted to help you achieve your music goals! 

Yes, the internet is a wealth of how-to videos—but the millions of guitar tutorials out there can’t match the ability of a professional instructor to provide structure, sequence, and customized support as you learn. During 20 years of studying hard rock and metal guitar and 10 years of teaching experience, Josh Mundt has developed a guitar pedagogy that is holistic, focused, fun, and effective. Lessons with Josh aren’t just about learning flashy licks; they’re designed to help you develop into a well-rounded musician and build deeper understanding and ability on your instrument. Josh crafts each lesson to help you achieve your goals and enriches lessons with written examples, etudes, videos, and excerpts to support effective practice at home.Interested in trying a lesson with Josh? Reply to this ad for more information and to set up a trial lesson.

Praise for Josh Mundt’s guitar school: 

“Working with Josh has been a great experience - he has taken the time to understand my level and my goals and tailored a program that has been great. I’m amazed by my progress and what I’ve been able to do working with Josh. He also has a great eye and ear for what and how I am playing and is consistently able to note and help me correct issues in my playing.” 

“Within minutes he had fixed some old nasty habits of mine and was helping me understand my guitar better! He used examples of music and made lessons that were tailored to me specifically so that I felt engaged the whole time.”

“He's extremely knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about metal guitar. Not only that, but he's a great teacher. He moved at my pace and explained concepts in ways that made sense to me.”

Josh takes a goal-oriented approach to lessons that keeps students on track for consistent, tangible results. He emphasizes the following:

- ear training

- technique

- repertoire 

- musical language blended with music theory and sight reading

Everything Josh teaches is customized according to students' goals, but relies on a tried and true learning method.

Each lesson includes a followup email with notes, PDF sheet music (or guitar pro files), and any supplemental material the student may need. 

Josh primarily teaches rock, jazz, and fingerstyle. He has a degree in Jazz studies from the University of Colorado in Boulder and additionally has over a decade of experience playing in rock and metal bands. 

Bachelor of Arts in Music for Jazz guitar from CU Boulder Instructor, show director, and manager at School of Rock 15 years of playing, gigging, and teaching experience. Band director for successful local acts including Animal Soup and The Udder. Recorded and produced several albums and other commercial recordings as well as creative consulting for other artistic projects in the rock, jazz, and progressive rock genres.

Josh uses a variety of methods and sources to create an effective guitar pedagogy including: 

- Mick Goodrick's Advancing Guitarist method

- Joe Stump's Berklee Shred Guitar method

- The Berklee College of Music guitar method

- Frank Gambale's Chop Builder

- Joe Pass' Guitar Style

Josh uses the books as a jumping-off point to help guitarists reach their playing goals and develop their own style. There is a lot of information out there and Josh gives students exactly what they need. Using these texts as a base, Josh also incorporates technique, ear training, musicianship, and direct feedback to assist students. 

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