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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Lead Guitar, Metal Guitar, Piano Composition, Rock Guitar

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I'm Joshua Traum; I've played guitar for 13+ years, have a Bachelor's degree in music and a Master's degree is education from the university of Melbourne.

I work as a full-time secondary music/drama teacher in a school near Melbourne, Victoria.

I specialise in percussive-acoustic fingerstyle guitar (Andy McKee, Mike Dawes, Luca Stricagnoli etc.) as well as heavy/progressive metal.

Whether you want to learn to play two guitars at once, flamenco at break-neck speeds, or shred and sweep in the most Br00tal fashion, I'm the teacher for you!

Also! I play piano as a secondary instrument, mostly as medium for composition (check out my piano video - specifically the ending where you'll find an excerpt of the finished track). If you're interested in learning about composition or sound production, book a piano composition lesson. I currently use Logic as my main DAW, mostly using Komplete 12 and EastWest Composer Cloud for my sound libraries, and FCPX for all video editing. I have experience with ProTools (mostly PT10 and PT11), and very basic understanding of Ableton Live.

- 13+ years guitar.

- Bachelor's degree in Music

- Master's degree in Education

- experience playing festivals in originals/cover bands, session work as a guitarist, playing for singer/songwriters, and composing underscore for film and video games.

- Teaching style is based on the Clinical Teaching Model developed by the University of Melbourne, and influenced by the High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) developer by Professor John Hattie. This proven clinical approach gets fast results by using the approach I've learnt through 5+ years as a classroom teacher and a Master's degree in education, combined with my highly developed technique on both Acoustic and Electric guitar.

- These aren't the guitar lessons you'll find at your local music shop. No BS, just excellent teaching methods, a wealth of experience, and tailored lesson materials based on your individual goals on guitar.


M.Ed Secondary Education (University of Melbourne)
Bach. Contemporary Music Performance (JMC Academy)
Fully Registered Teacher (Victorian Institute of Teaching)

All lesson materials have been developed by me specifically for my guitar students over the years and are included as .pdf files with each lesson.


Examples of pre-existing lessons include:

- Chord shapes: Root 5 and Root 6 shapes (major, minor, 7ths etc.), chord inversions, slash chords.

- Scale shapes: symmetrical 3NPS patterns, Pentatonic patterns (yes, there is more than one!)

- Arpeggios: 3 string and 5 string sweep patterns, 6 string two-octave shapes.

- Alternate picking, economy picking, legato, fingerstyle, flamenco techniques (stupidly fast tremolos!).

- Percussive guitar: bass drum, snare, hi-hat etc. LH and RH techniques; taught through a series of progressively more difficult grooves while playing the guitar as well.

- Over-the-neck and RH Tapping techniques popularised by Michael Hedges and Andy McKee (yes, I can teach you "Drifting" by Andy McKee).

- Two-guitar playing: a bit gimmicky... but still pretty awesome yeah? I'll teach you to play like Luca Stricagnoli.

- Altered Tunings: open-chord shapes and melodic shapes in a variety of altered tunings used in percussive-acoustic fingerstyle.

- Repertoire for Examinations: I have taught prepared year 12 students for their VCE examinations for 5 years now, achieving student-scores above the state average, and have also accompanied/assessed tertiary students' performances. I'm experienced in delivering targeted feedback to students working on pieces for formal assessment. Typically I would recommend either a 45 or 60 minute lesson for anyone wanting tailored feedback/support for any formal examination to ensure every aspect of your playing can be addressed.

- Anything else: I'm very eclectic with my technical abilities on guitar, so if you want to work on something that hasn't been listed, I've probably taught it or could design a lesson on the topic for you.



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