Karl Olson

Snare Drum, Bongo, Cajon, Conga, Drum Rudiments, Drums, Hand Drums, Percussion


I have been involved with Drums and Music since 1995.  A lifelong student myself, I am deeply passionate about learning, exploring and sharing the amazing world of Percussion with my students and peers. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Music from Western Washington University in 2006, and since then I have performed extensively across the country in clubs, theaters and festivals.  I am well versed in the areas of drum kit, hand percussion, and auxiliary percussion, and have a unique ability to find my voice in many styles of music and I enjoy sharing these perspectives with my students to help foster well rounded and versatile musicians. I have contributed to over a dozen albums of various styles, and always look forward to new musical challenges. 

My teaching style is centered on the philosophy that music is a language.  The goal of this approach is to be able to fluently and intuitively express on the instrument in any musical setting.  I use a combination of written music, aural learning, and musical mathematics to create thorough drummers that are versatile, consistent and highly expressive.  My approach is informed by my experiences in studying Western, Indian, African and Latin percussion, and is constantly evolving with current musical trends.  I see music as one of the greatest cultural contributions in the world, and love doing my part to preserve, pass on, and elevate the traditions of drums and percussion.

"Stick Control" By George Lawrence Stone

"Syncopation for the Modern Drummer" By Ted Reed

"A Funky Primer" By Charles Dowd

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