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My qualifications include a TESOL Certificate in 2009, TEFL in 2010, and a Bachelor’s in Humanities in 1996. My professional experience includes two years as a TESOL in China, twelve months as an ESL tutor in the Republic of Georgia, six months as a TESOL instructor in Costa Rica, and six years as a traveling online TESOL teacher for online establishments from China, Japan, France and Germany.

I have taught both in the classroom and online, each role challenged my creativity in developing engaging learning materials and the preparations of lessons. 

Currently, I now teach Japanese and Polish students, Elementary and Business Adult Students.

Starting with the Direct Language Target, conduct a conversation of student's choice, learn about the student's occupation or every day activities and kindly correct as necessary any grammar and pronunciation errors. With Introducing Items of Cultural and Personal Relevance, Explain how to develop the correct sentence form and allow the student to form his/her own sentence with new learnt vocabulary, then provide further explanation the other parts of grammar for the vocabulary and how used in Formal and Informal Speech.  Other continual methods the use of Authentic materials; the display Visuals and Realia, for online the use of YouTube videos, typed lyrics from songs, and photos references.

The teaching videos provided was when I started teaching ESL to young children, now I teach older students.






A general recommendation as a practice a start toward fluency is read aloud their favorite topic of interests or involves their occupation. This beginning also aids with learning new vocabulary and sentence development. Student practices of speaking the word in the different forms of grammar and review during class.

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