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Hi, and thank you for checking out my work! For my past clients, thank you for your patience. I was on hiatus for personal reasons, but I am thrilled to be back on my feet and back on Lessonface.

For me, dance started when my mom put on Shania Twain, Whitney Houston and Céline Dion in the living room. She was my first teacher and I'm thankful that she gifted me with this passion. Since then, I've studied hip hop, jazz, hula, and modern dance. The main part of my 22-year journey continued with "hip hop" training and modern dance.

Currently, I am a full-time dance teacher to age 4 to 40 and have been teaching all ages and levels for 1 years. If you are a son, a daughter, a mother, a father, a couple, welcome!

I teach students how I wanted to be taught: I will come to your level and help you get to where you want to be! We won't work on something you're unwilling to do. Learning should be fun and something you want to do. My style adjusts to your personality and needs: if you want someone upbeat and energetic, I can be that! If you want someone more low-key and chill, I can be that too. As someone who is introverted with extroverted tendencies, I understand the need for changing energy levels. 

Team Affilitations

Jun 2023-pres. Girlie Pop | Assistant Director

Feb 2023-pres. Girlie Pop | All-femme team, Team Member

Apr 2022-pres. Gwownups | Young adult performing team, Team Member

Nov 2021-Mar 2022 220 | Team Member

Mar 2022-May 2022 Project Soup | Team Member

2017-2021 Treasure Box Studios | GEM All-girls competitive team, mentorship program, ages 10-17

2013-2014 Canvas Disciples (Blank Canvas) | Team Member


Teaching Experience

2021-pres. Monarch School | K-12 Dance Instructor

Aug 2022-pres. Studio Fx | Kidz Instructor, ages 4-12

2021-2022 A Step Beyond | Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop, ages 12-14

2013-2017 Pas De Deux Hawai'i | Kids/Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop, ages 3-17, Adult Hip Hop, Bolly X, ages 18-50

2013-2014 Alive Ballet Center | Beginning Hip Hop, ages 8-14

2013-2014 NIX PAC | Intermediate Hip Hop, ages 10-12

2010-2018 First Assembly of God | Youth Hip Hop Ministry, ages 5-17

2007-2012 First Assembly of God | Kids Hip Hop Ministry; ages 5-12

"Hip hop" dance is generated from a greater culture of DJing, MCing, graffiti and b-boying (breakdance). What you see in dance studios now is a combination of borrowing from different aspects of "old school" foundational movement (i.e. boying, popping, locking, housing) and "new school" movement like contemporary and jazz.  I love to co-create with this continually-evolving dance and I hope to share this movement with you through a fun, safe, and inspiring learning environment.

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