Kevin Reierson

Acoustic Guitar, Audio Recording and Music Production, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Composition, General Mixing and Mastering, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Piano, Keyboard
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Hello There! 

My name is Kevin Reierson and I am hoping to be your next Lessonface instructor! Now a bit about myself - 

I am a professional musician/educator/producer for over 10 years with both my undergraduate degree in music from San Francisco State University and my masters from Berklee School of Music. I have training since my youth in classical piano and a full knowledge of music theory/harmony.  From 2010-2014 I was a classical contrabassist for the San Francisco State University Orchestra. I have since studied Jazz piano and contemporary pop/rock genres. I have also played along side several bands and artist such as Jr. Toots and the Maytals  (Reggae),  Latin Grammy nominated Residente  (Cumbia) , and The Hot Club of San Francisco  (Swing). 

Now with the new age of technology I have gotten into Electronic Music Production and Audio Engineering.  I love making electronic music and teach from various Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS) . Including : Ableton Live, Logic X and ProTools. I cover a wide range of topics from mixing, mastering, beat-making, synth design,  sound -writing, sound design and much more! 

I have a background in in-class & online teaching both in private instruction as well as group classes. I have a background in piano, contrabass, electric bass and guitar in various styles and idioms. I am also a studio engineer and producer with experience with (DAWS) Digital Audio Workstations from Pro-Tools, Logic X and Ableton Live. I have worked online transcribing /arranging using both Sibelius and Finale.  As musicians and educators we are consistently learning and growing. You can see the instruments and genres I cover in my profile in more detail! I love to teach music , it is my passion and I hope to see you in the next classroom! 

            Over the years I have transformed from the student to teacher/educator. Through my experience studying I have been fortunate to have some of the most incredible instruction from some of the world's most professional educators and musicians. Yet I have also been privileged to study & perform with incredible musicians who aren't as good academically. For me transitioning from a professional musician to a professionally educator has taught me think and cater to both sides of the spectrum. This has, and will continue to be a learning experience using my knowledge bestowed from my past professors as well as my knowledge in the modern world.  Most importantly learning music should be fun and enjoyable! I try to cater to every individual's learning  curve, because everyone learns differently. Some can be more visual learners and others auditory learners.  Its important to cater to both sides equally. 

 I use technology to my benefit and as a tool to educate, especially with our younger generation. For example, using (DAWS) digital audio work stations and programs like Sibelius and Finale for composition. Its innovative, Its fun and makes learning easier!  Second I like to create an inclusive classroom. Inclusivity in a contemporary music setting means engaging students of all learning styles, backgrounds, and ability levels. As an educator I feel that inclusivity and versatility are one in the same. Thirdly, I like to focus on self-engagement. Give the students something they are passion about and can take home to practice and create. This also comes back to using technology, using in my favor to teach something that is maybe less-engaging concepts. Fourthly I try to use my personal experience as a professional musician to pass on my knowledge/experiences to engage and captivate my students.



Master Degree - Berklee School of Music - Music Performance and Production
Bachelors Degree - San Francisco State University - Music Performance and Education

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