Kimon Karoutzos

Upright Bass, Improvisation, Jazz Improvisation, Music Theory
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Kimon Karoutzos is a double bassist from Athens, Greece. 

My teaching style is very communicative and direct. I always keep track during the lesson to the needs and the questions of the student, so that the lesson becomes a communicative and creative learning experience. Each student is unique, which requires from me as a teacher, to adapt to the personality of the student and find the best way to make the lesson, a learning enviroment, defined by focus, creativity and determination

My teaching method focuses on understanding the fundamentals of the instrument, and more importantly showing the student how to develop his/her own  concept and practice routine in order to get better. My main objective as a double bass teacher is, to develop skill level on the instrument along  with understanding of harmony, so that the student can create his/her own basslines, solos, improve on sightreading , and more generally creating a personal concept.

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