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Hello and thank you for your interest! My name is Kolton Wansel.

 I was born in Pennsylvania, and currently live in Denver, CO. I have been playing piano for over 22 years, and am actively apart of multiple music scenes including: Piano, Orchestra, Electronic Music, Jazz and Jam Band. I studied at West Virginia University for Music Education between 2011-2013 before transitioning into a freelance artist/musician, as well as starting a solo DJ and Dubstep/Bass Music production project as well as aspiring for greater group projects in the future. I have been teaching students in both the classroom setting and in private for over 13 years, despite my young age of 27! I have been privately tutoring musical students before I even graduated high school in 2011. My musical travels have taken me across the globe in various orchestras, and I have met and learned so much from incredible musicians. My goal is to give each student their own internal understanding of music, just as I was taught. This includes musical theory and musical understanding; So the student may flourish no matter which instrument they are playing or what environment they are in. Be confident in musical expression! 

Teaching comes in many different forms, just as learning does!

My teaching methods will include:

Fundamental Building Blocks for Music Theory and Instrument (or DAW) Applications. These are the essentials: Key Signatures, Time Signature, Chords, Inversions etc. This will be where we spend a lot of our time doing written and aurel studies to ensure truer musical comprehension. 

Comprehensive Study for Intermediate and Advanced Music Theory and Instrument (or DAW) Applications. This is where we will spend time doing in-depth review of sections of music to develop overall balance in musicianship. You will become confident in your musical understanding so you can create and play your own original melodies, harmonies and compositions.

Sight Reading. I will cover how to read various forms of music: Sheet Music (Including Treble and Bass Clef), Tablature (for guitar reading), Midi (for Digital Audio Workstations). Learning how to place your music into physical notation is an essential part of being a musician. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: To have fun! There is so much to music and how important it is in our every day life! To be able to deeply appreciate what we love is priceless. Through my services, I hope to inspire you and aspire you so you may fulfill yourself and others.

Attended Gettysburg Area High School (2007-2011) and was apart of the Orchestra, Band and Choir all 4 years. I have been apart of the Gettysburg College Symphony Orchestra (2008-2011). Also I have been apart of York Youth Symphony Orchestra (2007-2011). Apart of the West Virginia University Symphonic Orchestra (2011-2013). 2 years study into West Virginia University for Music Education as a Major Study, with music performance and teaching as an understudy (unfinished). I have studied under Dr. Andrew Kohn, Professor of Double Bass and Music Studies at West Virginia University. Taken private Piano Lessons under Barbara Shunk (from 1995-2013). I have done and continue to be a Private Teacher (2008-Present). With electronic music, I have been an independent Music Producer and Artist under the project currently under the name Arkaenum (2013-Present). I also have been teaching private lessons for music production and music production software (2015-present) I am affiliated currently with Army of Light Audio Record Label (2016-Present) As well as currently affiliated with Metamind Music Collective (2016-Present)

A lot of students often feel under-prepared for their musical journey, and of course they should! As learning something new is always a challenge awaiting to be solved. Thankfully, with the rise of technology, comes an incredible amount of resources available for cheaper (and free)! My goal is to provide you with quality education and experience without needing extra books or packets that won't benefit you properly (and of course, without hurting the wallet too). Because students vary at many different levels, a lot of student repertoire will be discovered as the student and myself continue to work with each other and find what best suits the individual. It may be required for certain students to have access to a printer or the ability to print off any sheet music that I email them, or if the student is comfortable reading sheet music from their computer or tablet screens, then can happen as well! As I've  mentioned, I want the student to be able to choose their repertoire too!

Even still, there are great places to always start as a student to familiarize yourself with the tools and understandings of music!

This is a list of recommended books and/or websites for students based in category of study. **Please Don't Purchase all of these, inquire with your instructor about skill level and practices before purchasing music books, as you may only need one of these books, or even none. This is intented to be a guideline:

Classical Piano/Piano Composition:

-For Children (Under 10): Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Complete Book 1 (Beginner)

                                                          Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Complete Book 2, and 3 (Intermediate)

                                                          Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Complete Book 1 for Later Beginners (Intermediate)

                                                         Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Complete Book 2, and 3  for later Beginners (Intermediate/Advanced)

 -For Adults and Advanced Children (Age 10+): Alfred's Basic Adult All-in-One Course Book 1 (Beginner)

                                                        Alfred's Basic Adult All-in-One Course Book 2, and 3 (Intermediate/Advanced)

                                                        Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises Vol. 1 (Intermediate/Advanced)

                                                       Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercisis Vol. 2 (Advance)

                                                       Hanon The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises Vol. 3 (Challenging)

-Websites:                             www.free-scores.com


Music Theory:

 -For Children (Under 10): Alfred's Basic Piano Library Theory Complete Book 1 (Beginner)

                                                        Alfred's Basic Piano Library Theory 2, 3, and 4 (Intermediate/Advanced)

 -For Beginner Adults and Advanced Children (Age 10+): Alfred's Basic Adult All-in-One Course Book 1 (Beginner)

                                                       Alfred's Basic Adult All-in-One Course Book 2, and 3 (Intermediate/Advanced)

                                                      Beginning Theory For Adults: The Grown-Up Approach to Music Theory

                                                      Music Theory Workbook by Hal  Leonard

                                                      Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers: The producer's guide to harmony, chord progressions, and song structure in the MIDI grid By J. Anthony Allen

 -Websites:                             www.musictheory.net

Ableton/Audio Recording/Mixing & Mastering:

 -Books:                                   Ableton Live Basics: Expert Advice, Made Easy (Everyday Guides Made Easy) By Ronan MacDonald and Dave Clews

                                                      Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio By Mike Senior

                                                      The Art of Mixing: A visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production  By David Gibson

 -Websites:                             www.waves.com/top-tips-for-recording-mixing-better-sounding-podcasts

                                                      www.youtube.com/user/SadowickProduction/videos (50+ videos with Ableton Live)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



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