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My name is Laura Valle. I’m a music college graduate with 20 + years experience as a performer, recording artist and vocal coach.
I enjoy coaching singers from different ages and styles, beginning to advanced. I have sung professionally in South America, Europe and USA and released 2 Albums of my own music which is a fusion of jazz, pop, flamenco, tango and other Latin and contemporary styles.

I have a Bachelor degree in Vocal Instruction from the Music Academy of Basel, Switzerland. I grew up in Argentina and my journey began with Theatre performances..  After completing my acting and singing education I toured in Argentina with Musical Theatre groups and choirs. In Europe I had the opportunity to study classical, jazz, Latin, and Broadway with great musicians from all over the world. As a band leader I managed bands and toured around Germany, France and Switzerland.
When I moved to California 2002 I opened my own vocal studio. Teaching is very rewarding to me. I love to see my students grow, perform, win auditions and unravel their potential.  As a result of my diverse training in classical,  jazz, and modern music,  I can develop customized vocal programs to meet each of my students’ goals. I offer vocal technique for contemporary commercial music, also musicianship (rhythm and ear training), and advanced vocal techniques to incorporate style into songs. 



Upon assessing the student's aspirations, musical style, and skill level, I tailor a personalized training program with exercises to prepare the student's vocal instrument.  I encourage students to choose from their repertoire of favorite songs. These selections become the focus of our lessons following a thorough warm-up. This approach not only fosters musical growth but also ensures an enjoyable learning journey. If needed, I'm more than happy to offer song recommendations that align with your growth objectives.

I take the time to explain the mechanics of the vocal apparatus and provide a comprehensive understanding of the purpose behind each exercise. Over the span of a few lessons, students start to decipher the intricacies of proper vocal warm-up techniques and discern whether they are on the right track. The warm-ups and technical drills are crafted to achieve breath control mastery, pitch accuracy, range expansion, resonance development, stamina enhancement, and seamless register transitions. Many of these exercises incorporate movement to positively influence posture and breathing, fostering an optimal environment for healthy vocal function.

By nurturing body awareness, imparting theoretical knowledge, and providing auditory references, I equip you with a toolkit for independently honing your vocal prowess. These resources empower you to confidently train your voice and make progress on songs outside of lessons.


Bachelor of Arts degree from the Music Conservatory of Basel, Switzerland (Musik Akademie Basel). Mayor in vocal jazz and music instruction, 2002 Graduated in Theater Performance, Art School La Barraca, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1987 Owner of Valle Vocal Studios in Orange County, CA since 2002 

  • Correct posture, body mapping. Sensory awareness
  • Exercises for breath control and coordination.
  • Exercises to improve tone quality, pitch, range, and diction.
  • Voice rehabilitation. Vocal health.
  • Warm up routines.
  • Basic elements of Sight-reading.
  • Developing tonal memory.
  • Ear training: singing and recognizing different Intervals, major and minor scales and triads with extensions.
  • Understanding and hearing different time signatures.
  • Developing rhythm and timing.
  • Transitioning between chest and head voice smoothly.
  • Vocal Dynamics: volume and energy levels.
  • Essential Vocal Harmonies: Harmonizing on thirds/ sixths.
  • Microphone technique on the stage and on the studio.
  • Work song: applying dynamics and stylistic tools.
  • Personal phrasing.
  • Advanced technical exercises to improve range and flexibility.
  • Mixed voice.
  • Advanced Dynamics: straight tones and vibrato.
  • Sight-reading on different keys.
  • Improvising on different modes.
  • Pentatonic scales and runs.
  • Apply improvisation to add personal touch in your song.
  • Scales and chord progressions, intervals and inversions.
  • Piano sight reading.
  • Learn how to play rhythm piano patterns for rock, pop, blues and ballads.
  • Songwriting: melody and song form, chord-melody relationships, rhythm and pitch of melodies.
  • Marketing and promotion of your music.


Musical Theatre Literature:
ADULTS: The singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology Vol. I to III. Vocal collection for each voice type in original key (soprano, tenor, mezzo, baritone). Hal Leonard Publishing. Available with CD
TEENS: The Teen’s Musical Theatre Collection/ Young women’s edition Musical Theatre Anthology for Teens. Vocal Collection. Young women or young men edition with CD. Hall Leonard Publishing

Classical Singing:
Easy songs for the beginning Soprano/ Mezzo/ Tenor/Baritone. Hal Leonard
The first book of Soprano solos/ Mezzo/ Tenor/Baritone. Hal Leonard Publishing.
Arie Antique Vol I. Italian songs. Also with CDs available
Vacai Practical Method of Italian singing
24-Italian songs and Arias

Theory and Sight reading:
Alfred’s Essentials of Music theory. (Theory lessons, ear training). Workbook Books 1,2,3. Also available with CD or as Computer Software    
"An Introduction to sight singing"  Carl Fisher Publishing. Beginner level
"Sight singing, the complete method for singers" by Mike Campbell, Hal Leonard

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