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Leticia Filizzola grew up surrounded by music and family musicians but the desire to play an instrument only came at the age of 17 after discovering virtuoso guitar players, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

Playing the guitar was just a hobby and Leticia left her hometown in Brazil to study Mass Communications in the United States. She earned her bachelor’s degree and began working as a producer for Discovery Channel. However her passion for music, which had grown over the years, led her to pursue an old dream: attend Berklee College of Music and start a music career. 

Leticia was accepted to Berklee with a scholarship in 2015 and since then she has accumulated a growing fanbase all across her social media platforms. While living in Boston she joined the Indie-Rock band Los Elk and played multiple sold out bills around the country.

She has also partnered up with some of the biggest guitar brands in the world like Fender and D’Angelico. She recently became an Ibanez artist. Since moving back to Brazil she has played with the acclaimed Italian pop-singer Laura Pausini and now Leticia is  working as a session musician for different artists while focusing on her instrumental project. 

Despite having had some guitar tutors Leticia remained self taught through most part of her musical education journey and she's positive this provided her tools to connect with her students on a deeper level because she knows what it's like to navigate and dive into unknown territory on her own, something that many guitarists go through. Later on, attending  Berklee gave her even more tools and the College helped her piece together much of the knowledge she learned on her own studying theory and transcribing solos for example.

Her teaching style then involves sharing what she believes made a difference in her musical growth: technique exercises, being able to connect scales and learning different chord voicings throughout the entire fretboard. During her lessons Leticia will be eager to pass along what she considers fundamental and will be happy to assist students on what they would like to focus on. 

Reviews from Group Classes

Neo Soul Guitar with Leticia Filizzola
Carly T.
on February 17, 2021

Kick ass class! Leticia keeps it inspiring, informative and offers lots of hot tips!

Guitar Fundamentals with Leticia Filizzola
Luke W.
on March 3, 2021

Guitar Fundamentals with Leticia Filizzola
Carly T.
on May 12, 2021

Such a great class! Working with Leticia has really enlivened my practice combining theory with the practical playable goodness, really starting to get it and am seeing the fret board in a new logical yet playful way. Thank you!!

Guitar Fundamentals with Leticia Filizzola
Verified Student
on June 15, 2022

Berklee College of Music

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