Luciano Ghosn

Fingerstyle Guitar, Flamenco Guitar

Lesson Fees
from $40.00 / 30 Minutes


Born in 1994.

1st place winner in the competition (Concurso Niño Miguel 2019) held in Huelva, Spain.

Performed with Latin Grammy Award Winner (Antonio Rey) as his second guitarist in 2016-2017.

Currently based in Japan, doing live performances and social media content.

I also enjoy giving online lessons, so If you're interested in learning more about the Flamenco Guitar, then you're in the right place!

My teaching method varies from student to student depending on their level.

- I believe that for all levels, "Technique" is a must. So no matter what level you are, expect our first lesson to be mainly focused on that.

- After we cover the Technique, I also focus a lot on "Repertoire". Something that you could "Apply" your technique on.

     * The way I teach repertoire is by usually going through the piece with the student very slowly during the lesson and explaining all the details necessary. 
And lastly, at the very last 10 minutes of the lesson or so I allow for the student to record the material we covered so that he/she can also work on it on his own time and show it me as "Homework" in the next lesson.

- After covering some repertoire, I also like to focus with the student on "Understanding the Guitar". That in my opinion is one of the most important subjects when it comes to learning ANY genre on Guitar.

     *This will help you understand "What", "Why", and "How" composers think when making a melody on the instrument.
Not only that, but after understanding the "Fretboard" of the Guitar better, you are also going to be able to "Improvise" and eventually "Compose" with more understanding on what you're doing. 

- I also teach how to "Improvise", and "Compose" for the more advanced students out there. But keep in mind, if you want to work on these 2 subjects, then you have to have all of the above in order to approach these topics.

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