Ludmilla Harvey

AP US Government & Politics, ESL, European History

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Ludmilla has had the opportunity to work in a variety of fields from education, healthcare administration and defense.  She worked as Russian Linguist and Site Administrator with the START treaty in Russia, monitoring and insuring compliance with international treaty obligations.   After the treaty expired, Ludmilla returned to the US, and worked as a ski instructor at Taos Ski Resort for two seasons. She then moved to North Carolina and began teaching at the US Army Special Forces base at Ft. Bragg.  There she taught Russian, Culture and Regional Studies. Being a member of the faculty, she loved to work on developing creative instructional methods in the classroom, generating templates and rubrics.  This allowed the team to improve outcomes, standardize the program and continue with professional development.  Her region of expertise was the European theatre of operations, which included the Arctic Polar Region.   

In 2018, a door closed when her contract came to an end at Ft. Bragg, but a new one opened up when she spent a summer working at Yellowstone National Park.  At the park, she worked at two locations- Canyon Lodge and Roosevelt.  She loved working at Roosevelt, since she believes President Teddy Roosevelt was the USA’s greatest president as well as the founder of national parks, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and was an avid outdoors person himself.

Ludmilla has always loved wildlife, outdoor activities, and traveling.  She strives to balance her professional life ,which was mostly indoors, with sports and outdoor activities.  She is an avid skier and equestrian, since both these sports are very similar in skill sets and abilities.   In addition, she enjoys visiting art museums, historical sites, wineries, and geological sites and wildlife photography. She is fortunate enough to check off one item of her bucket list by traveling to all seven continents.  With that, she was bitten by the bug and decided to look for other similar opportunities working in a remote geographical location.  Subsequently, that led to her interest in coming to Alaska along with avoiding the hot and humid summers in North Carolina.  She looks forward to returning to teaching and meeting interesting people from all walks of life and having fun during her lessons.   

Fun, humor and a relaxed atmosphere to teach.  Student centric teaching where students speaks or interacts 70% of the time and the instructor/teacher 30%.  Believes in the experiential learning model and in being student centric. 

M.A., Education: Curriculum and Instruction
US ARMY Teaching Certificate in Experiential instruction
EMT-Basic Certification
B.A. International Studies

Identify student needs, ask for what he/she would like to accomplish and proceed from there.  Student is the most important stakeholder in the education process.  

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