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Canadian cellist Mari Coetzee is an exciting, versatile teacher and performer, who is passionate about traditional and contemporary music alike. Included in CBC Music’s 2015 Edition of 30 Top Canadian Classical Musicians under 30, Ms. Coetzee received first place in the Shean Strings Competition. She was also a grand prize winner in the Canadian Music Competition and has performed as soloist with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra Symphonique de Quebec, and the Calgary Youth Orchestra among others.

A frequent recitalist, Ms. Coetzee has been featured in the High River Gift of Music Society in 2016 and the St Albert Chamber Music Society’s concert series in 2019 (Canada) and has performed across the US, Canada, France, Switzerland, and South Africa. She received a Bachelor of Music with Academic Honors from the Juilliard School in May 2019 and continues her studies at Juilliard this year to receive her Master’s of Music ('20) in Juilliard’s 5-year accelerated program, studying with Richard Aaron. She has also received significant training and mentorship under such cellists as Philippe Muller, Frans Helmerson, Laurence Lesser, and Hans Jorgen Jensen. Ms. Coetzee was also recently featured in a masterclass at The Juilliard School with Steven Isserlis, broadcast worldwide on MediciTV.

Outreach and education in the arts are an important part of Ms. Coetzee’s, commitment to bringing music to diverse audiences. As a Concert and Gluck fellow through the Juilliard Office of Community Engagement, she has taught children in the NY public schools and participated in multi-disciplinary performances at pediatric centers, nursing homes, and other health care facilities around New York City.

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I have always loved learning new things. To me, the process of discovering connections between current knowledge and new information is one of the most thrilling aspects of the journey of learning. The “why” behind my teaching is to serve as a guide to my students on their own journeys and to inspire them to commit to a process of lifetime discovery of themselves, their place in the world, and how they relate to their fellow human beings. I believe that music is not only one of the most abstract and beautiful but also the most multi- dimensional artform, challenging the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions simultaneously.

As a result of my teaching, my students will become proficient musicians who have a solid technical background that gives them the freedom to express themselves musically. They will be able to learn new repertoire efficiently and effectively through practice strategies that I will explore with them in every lesson. Furthermore, my students will develop a range of musical skills that will help them to become well-rounded interpreters of great musical masterpieces. Music theory, history, and ear-training will also serve an important role in my students’ lesson experiences as they become more aware of music’s essential role in society and culture. The problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity that they will develop through lessons will have a direct impact on all their fields of interest beyond music.

I am passionate about guiding students in the process of becoming better versions of themselves. My hope is that through every lesson, they will make more connections and will find joy in the process of a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.

Master of Music (The Juilliard School) Bachelor of Music with Academic Honors (The Juilliard School) Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT) Certified Studio Pedagogy Training at The Juilliard School

I teach a mix of different curriculum, including the Suzuki books as well as repertoire from the Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus. I'll assign some pieces that are important to learn, but will also adapt to the student's individual needs and preferences. For technique, I like to look for etudes that will not only strengthen technique but that are also musical, I've found the Dotzaur, Feuillard, and Popper etudes a great resource. 

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