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Maria Eva Jacobs is a licensed music educator PreK-12, who is currently the Professor of Jazz and Contemporary Voice at Kent State Universiy.  She is a national recording and voice over artist and her music has charted on the Groove Jazz and Smooth Jazz Holiday Charts.  Maria has released eight solo albums, six singles and she is a royalty earning member of ASCAP, having written over 100 songs. 

I believe in a student centered teaching style, where I listen to the student and their goals.  As I get to know the student's learning process, I know exactly which direction to go with them, and how to instruct and provide the appropriate material, be it in song styling, vocal pedegogy, piano instruction or songwriting skills.  Much of the direction I go as a teacher will depend on the prior knowledge of the student.

I am a licensed music educator since 2013 (OH3072848, also attached) I have two Bachelor of Arts Degrees, one in Music Education from Kent State where I am now a professor of jazz and contemporary voice (with a minor in education) and the other from Ohio State in Journalism

I teach vocal pedegogy from a book called The New Voice and Freedom of Vocal Production.  I teach beginning piano from Bastian Adult Book One, which is good for young people as well, as it begins with the very basics.

For jazz voice I teach predominatnly out of the Great American Songbook and I begin jazz lessons with the Blues and the History of American Music.  I also have some materials I have written myself.

For Songwriting I refer to a great book called the Craft of Lyric Writing as well as my own materials and knowledge.

For Music Theory and Harmony I teach from my own knowledge and have some resources of my own as well, depending on the prior knowledge of the student.

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