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Learn a new instrument with an energetic young adult in a stress-free atmosphere! Originally hailing from Wisconsin, USA, I moved to England at age 18 to study Music and French at the University of Sheffield, a world top 100 university. I have over 14 years of experience playing the flute in groups such as the Wisconsin State Honors Band, the JMKAC Senior Honors Recital, and the Sheffield University Orchestras. I've played as a guest soloist for the Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra and also for the Wakefield Cathedral concerts programme, as well as countless other symphonies, pit orchestras, bands, etc.  I have experience teaching children from the ages of 5-14 as a flute instructor, ESL teacher, and general tutor. As a neurodivergent person myself, I also have extensive experience working with students on the autism spectrum, ADHD, OCD, and other neurodivergent conditions. Lastly, I've lived and studied in four different countries, so I have many flute methods and traditions under my belt! Lessons can be taught in English or in French. 

Language Classes

I am TEFL certified and have been teaching English for about 2 years. I taught English in France for a year in elementary schools, and I now give online conversation-based English classes for intermediate and advanced levels (B1-C1). These lessons focus primarily on fluency, accent, vocabulary, and syntax. Grammar is studied on a case-by-case basis, depending on what grammatical errors I notice you make. Materials for grammar practice will be supplied on this basis outside of the lessons. Lessons are taught 100% in English. 

I also provide tutoring services for French as a second language. Because I had to learn French "from scratch" by living in France and Belgium, and also studied it at university, I feel I am particularly well-suited for beginner to lower-intermediate level French learners (A1-B1). I have tutored for French within high schools before, so I can specialize in school exam preparation, and lessons focus more on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Lessons are taught in French, and English where necessary (depending on level). 


Learning begins when stress ends, so as a tutor I try my best to make learning enjoyable. After all, the brain only remembers things it actually paid attention to and somewhat enjoyed. Thus, my first priority is that you are comfortable and having fun. Lessons are personalized to the student's feedback, goals, pace, and artistic style. 

During flute lessons, I will often assign studies, exercises, and pieces to learn in private practice. These materials are integral to your learning, however your extent of engagement with them is your choice. Practicing is important, but I will never be upset at you for "not doing your homework". Efficient practice is a major topic that I cover in lessons. 

Undergraduate music student at the University of Sheffield

I don't typically follow one method book for flute students. I have a wide collection of flute method books, solo books, and étude books, and I usually will use snippets of various ones depending on the needs of the specific student. Many lessons are also technique and foundation-based, or theory-based, in which case I don't often rely heavily on outside print materials. These will be made available to you via Lessonface prior to (or during) the lesson. 

However, I understand some students prefer to follow one specific book, especially children. In that case, I like using the Abracadabra Flute book or the Rubank Elementary Method for the Flute. I'm also familiar with the Essential Elements series but I prefer to use these two books. If there are any method books that you have started studying and would like my guidance in continuing, or that you are particularly interested in following, of course I am happy to oblige. 

Language classes

For English lessons, I usually have a chosen subject of conversation for every week. You will be informed of the following week's topic at the end of every lesson. I will often refer you to online texts, videos, etc. All materials will be provided to you and will be accessible for free online. 

For French lessons, I use a mix online materials and print materials, which will all be provided to you via lessonface prior to and/or during the lesson. We will often be using a pencil and paper in lessons, so I would recommend keeping a notebook specifically for French. 

For both languages, I might also assign materials to read / watch / work on in between classes. Whether or not you'd like to engage with the "homework" outside of lessons is up to you - I am not strict, we will discuss it in lessons. 

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