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 I  am a classically-trained harpist and pianist who has been teaching exclusively online since 2016. With over a decade of piano teaching experience, I am passionate about teaching adult piano students.  With over a 25 + of  teaching experience, I am passionate about teaching and I believe it is never too late to get started.   

Michelle's lessons provides parents and kids the solution to boring music lessons by using fun and innovative techniques that transform children into musicians who love music and leave parents feeling proud. There’s never any pressure to practice, compete, or perform. Only pressure to PLAY and have FUN! Each and every week, all of our students walk out of their lesson with a grin on their face from how much they loved learning their instrument. So no more tears, no more sad, and no more exhaustion from begging your kids to even go to their lessons! Learning the harp is not just about playing the right notes at the right time; it's also about expressing feelings, creativity, and sharing stories through music. My goal is to develop in each student a comprehensive understanding of music that allows them to play the harp with enjoyment and musicality. During our lessons, we have fun, playing games, boom cards, engaging in fun activities, composing, and learning the music they want to play. My students can expect to learn: proper technique, efficient practice methods, sight-reading, music theory, versatility in different music styles, composing and arranging music, improving interpersonal skills, and gaining confidence in performance, and above all, having fun! I am the solution to those boring music lessons you probably hated growing up!

I have ABRSM Harp 8 (RCM 10 equivalency). I am currently working on my diploma with Trinity College, London.  Michelle received her formal music education at  Trinity Western University in the areas of music and education.  I am a member of the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers Association.  


I use a wide varied of method books.

Sylvia Woods "Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp", Fun from the First, First Harp Book & more.

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