Miriam Cacciacarro

Cooking, English, Music, Music Theory, Piano, Sewing, Violin

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from $24.00 / 30 Minutes


My name is Miriam Cacciacarro and I am a professional violinist, pianist, and music teacher. I have been performing for over fifteen years, teaching for just over ten years.  I complete both my grade eight exams for violin and piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music, as well as my grade ten violin exam with honors. In 2016, I graduated with a BA in Music from Thomas Edison State University with the Arnold Fletcher Award. As well, I currently manage and perform in the string trio, Quintessence Ensemble, as well as run my own music studio of over ninety students, Studio Forte. In the past, I have performed with various orchestras in leadership positions, such as the Kindred Spirits Orchestra, Brock University Orchestra, and others.

In addition to my musical accomplishments, I completed my ESL certification in 2018, and have currently taught English for two years in Canada, as well as overseas (Italy, July-September 2019. 

My teaching style is one of incorporating various methods to capture the attention span of the student, thereby assisting them learn the material. In music, for example, I utilize both the Suzuki and Royal Conservatory of Music methods, using both sight-reading and ear-training to create a musical ear in my students while also helping them read music. Even though I am a classically trained violinist, I am open to experimenting with various other genres, and have in the past, to assist my students properly. 

In relation to teaching English, I use a interactive approach. Grammar is vital, but so is speaking, reading, putting all that you know into practice. In the past, I would use games, question exercises to encourage students to use the words that they know, while also teaching them new vocabulary. 

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