Molly McLinden

Musical Theatre, Singing, Classical Voice, Country Voice, Improv, Jazz Voice, Music Theory, Opera, Public Speaking, R&B Voice, Rock Voice, Scene Study, Singing for Actors, Voice

Lesson Fees
from $55.00 / 30 Minutes


Once upon a time there was a kid  (me!) that wanted her MTV. Whenever David Lee Roth was on the screen, I’d swoon! Rock was my first love..any kind of rock. Beatles,  Elvis, Cyndi….it was all fine by me. Still is!  Since then, I've grown to love and appreciate pretty much every style of music out there. I enjoy TEACHING every style,too.

 I went to Millikin University, truly the Juilliard of the Midwest, where I delved further into opera and shared the stage with Broadway star Sierra Boggess (I know! I am jealous of me, too!), and got my feet wet with vocal pedagogy.

Oooooh, this was some cool stuff! Suddenly I felt the need to know more, more, more about how the voice worked. Sooo....after graduating , I did more with that.  Rock vocals, belting, dalcroze eurythmics…I wanted to know it all! I’ve had the chance to learn from some of the greatest, and I am STILL learning from ‘em! 

And now here I am…wanting every singer I meet to just enjoy what they’ve got no matter WHAT anyone else says or has said to them in the past. 

About you:

You're a beginner. A lapsed singer. Someone with goals of performing.  Someone who has anxiety about singing for others.  Someone who wants to learn how to sing, just 'cause!  A child. A teen. An adult.  I work with ANYONE with the desire to explore all the cool things their voice can do!


I am patient, funny, and I ALWAYS CUSTOMIZE.

Some students need me to demo ...a lot. And that is just fine! Every lesson is different because you'll need different things from lesson to lesson.

I call myself an "un teacher-y teacher". I don't insist you practice. If YOU are happy with where you are headed, so am I!

Member of NATS and NYSTA. Certified CoreSinging instructor.

I do use the old school "bel canto" technique.  It has been around forever, and can and should be applied to all styles from classical to rock.

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