Olli Pamplin

Arts, Book Arts, Crochet, Drawing, Electric Guitar, Knitting, Needlework, Embroidery & Thread Art, Painting, Printmaking

Lesson Fees
from $15.00 / 30 Minutes


Olli is a Teaching Artist with passion for art history and...yarn! She has been working alongside professional artists as an assistant, consultant, and curator for over 10 years and stepped into the roll of teaching two years ago. Given an exposure to many different media and a passion for learning how art practices develope over time, Olli is a well-spring of creative knowledge.

Olli began knitting in 2019 and hasn't looked back. She developed a small knitting business post-pandemic, Will Knit for Food, through which she sells small crochet goods, accepts knitting commissions, and will begin teaching in-person classes starting September 2023.

My style is very laid back and explorative. I enjoy learning just as much as I do teaching, so I'm open to ideas to maximize your learning experience. Tell me what you're most interested in or what dream you're chasing and we'll chase it together.

Teaching Artist, Community and Access Programs, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 2020-present

Founder/Owner, Will Knit for Food, 2019-present

Studio Assistant, Stew Langer Glass Studio, 2018-2020; Nicole Emanuel, 2015-2016

Outreach Coordinator, Artist & Craftsman Supply, 2017-2020

When it comes to art practices, I typically learn from the masters. I recommend that students invest in Art History survey text books like Marilyn Stokstad/Michael W. Cothren's Art History, and books from Thames & Hudson's Worldof Art series.

As far as knitting, crocheting, and embroidering are concerned, I'd recomment that students practice, practice, practice. And seed their local fiber artist community for extra support. We are a generous and supportive group!

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