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I am Francis, the founder of Philnote Music Consult. A Musicologist, full-time Musician, Professional Pianist, Clarinetist, and Score Arranger. An experienced Music Director and Educator. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in music degree (B.A mus) from the department of music, University of Ibadan.   

Francis has musically trained 100+ students through conducting lessons on piano, clarinet, music theory, choral and orchestra ensemble directing, et.c both online and on-site for 10+ years. He has tutored students from various levels of music category (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). 

He has nurtured some quite young aspiring musicians in starting up a career in music through the Philnote Music Consult which was officially launched in 2017 as a medium to breach the gap of providing especially grass-root level music education and consultation, training, and music performance in Nigeria. This mentorship provided has been a reference point to the success story of some of his mentees, who are now exploring the music stage both locally and globally. 

In August 2020, Francis was announced as the 2nd Prize winner of the Voice of South Africa Opera Music Competition (Piano Category), where he competed among other Pianists across the African continent. 

As a music educator and professional pianist, He has worked as a music teacher and co-artistic director in several international schools and Universities across several states in Nigeria. Francis has also featured in several classical concerts as guest concert pianist and accompanist both in the national and international music space. 

Francis is a passionate teacher and loves to see his mentees excel in the field of music. He finds happiness in impacting knowledge and playing the piano.

I offer professional and well structured piano lessons (or other music lessons) as well as basic music theory for sight-reading session (especially for beginners) who wish to be the best in their choice of instrument.

I personally love to listen to what interests my students about piano playing and the reason for their choice of instrument. My classes usually would kick-start on an 'introductory note' (A discussion, question and answer section) such as:

1.Asking my students if they have had any formal piano lessons before. If yes, they speak about their experience(s). (This helps in the placement of a student in a particular level).

2. Style of music the student will want to learn. Etc... This part aims to get the student relaxed and ready for what comes after.

I progress to the second part of the introduction:

What the piano instrument is about? 

Parts of the instrument.

Proper sitting posture, body and finger alignment, and exercises. Etc.

I go further to other part of the lessons such as:

Numbering of fingers and knowledge of musical alphabet of the piano keys (especially for beginners level)

Creating sounds with the fingers

Playing of the diatonic major scale with hands separately


Other piano techniques

During lessons and at the end of every lesson, students are allowed the time to ask questions thereby making sure they have a great understanding of the lesson.

Bachelor of Arts in Music, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

Music Teacher at Lifeforte International High School, Ibadan, Nigeria

Founder and Music Educator/Consultant at Philnote Music Consult, Ibadan, Nigeria

Principal piano/organ Accompanist at Ibadan City Chorale (ICC), Ibadan,  Nigeria

Associate piano/organ Accompanist at Premier Symphony Orchestra and Chorale Group, Ibadan, Nigeria

Piano Tutor online and on-site (freelancer)

Church Organist at St. Patrick Catholic Church, Ibadan, Nigeria

Former Music Instructor at Louisville Girls High School ijebu Itele, Ogun state, Nigeria

Former Music Instructor at Lead City International School, Ibadan, Nigeria

Former Head of Music Unit at Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Former students' resident piano Accompanist at Department of Music, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

Former church Organist at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Lagos, Nigeria

Former church Organist at University of Ibadan Baptist Church, Ibadan, Nigeria

Former Associate Organist at St. Andrews Catholic Church, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Former piano Accompanist at De Clique Vocals and Band, Lagos, Nigeria

Former Chief Judge at Redemptorist Youth and Vocational Ministry Music competition, Ibadan, Nigeria

Former collaborative pianist at The Dionysus Ensemble 'Commonwealth Natural Wonders' music project (in celebration of HRM Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee), United Kingdom

Former chorus member at the Intercollegiate Chorale Fest (African Sings Concert 2018) at University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Former Chorus member at University of Ibadan Choir, Ibadan, Nigeria

Former Member, Arts in Medicine, Ibadan, Nigeria

Former Member, Music in Health Initiative (MiHI), Ibadan, Nigeria

Over the years of my experience as an educator, I have always requested for student's previous Teaching Methods used (for Intermediate and Advanced students only) before introducing mine. This helps to review student's previous knowledge and performance ability.

Some of my Recommended Teaching Method & Texts are:

_ Hanon Piano Fingering Exercises (for Intermediate & Advanced students)

_ Hanon Jazz Piano Exercises (for Intermediate & Advanced students)

_ John Thompson Modern Course for the Piano 1st & 2nd Grade (for Beginner and Intermediate students)

_ ABC of Piano Playing (for Beginner students)

_ Small wood Piano Tutor (for Intermediate)

_ A Tune a Day (for both piano & clarinet beginner students)

_ My Piano Adventures (for children beginners)

_ Otto Langey  (for Intermediate Advanced clarinet students)

Other advanced Teaching Methods and Texts (Etudes, Sonatas, Mazurkas, Concertos, and Solo works) may be recommended based on student's level of expertise and performance capacity.

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