Phivos-Angelos Kollias

Ableton Live, Electronic Music Composition, Composition, Contemporary Composition, Sibelius, Synthesizer Programming, Video Game Scoring
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Music composition / electronic music / music production / music programming courses with emphasis on direct practical applications.
I am an award-winning composer-producer with many years of experience in composing for international projects of electronic music, classical instruments, Video Games and Virtual Reality.
I live and compose in Berlin for the last three years after moving from Paris. I have studied in England (BA, Cambridge & Master, London) and in France (Master, Conservatory Composition degree, PhD, Paris).

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I have been for many year a composer, initially in classical contemporary and electronic composition, and the last 5 years working with games and Virtual Reality. 
I have  received seven awards and nine nominations in international competitions, while he has participated in collaborative projects that have received seven international awards and two distinctions.

My teaching style is organising everything around project based learning. We find with my students a practical goal that we want to achieve (ex. recording some songs, making music for a short film, creating a score for a concert etc) we set milestones and we break learning into steps and modules to learn. 
This way learning is more practical, effective and fun.  


Suitable for:

- anyone who wants to start working with electronic music

- the composer who wants to expand his/her sound palette;

- the DJ that wants to expand is capabilities in mixing and performing;

- the music lover who is bored of passively listening to music -

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- PhD in Composition, Aesthetics & Interactive Music Technologies, Université Paris 8

- Composition Diploma (DEM), Conservatoire de Boulogne, Paris.

- Master in Computer Assisted Composition, Université Paris 8

- Master in Instrumental Composition, City University, London

- Bachelor in Music, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge

Together we will learn from basic to advanced composition and production techniques, writing, recording, mixing, and making our own interactive electronic instruments and playing with controllers.

We will learn how to use programs such as Ableton Live/Logic/MaxMSP/Sibelius notation by designing hands-on and creative projects where we learn while making music.

I start with a basic bibliography depending weather we are learning acoustic composition, electronic composition, and/or MaxMSP music programming. This includes text references like the below: 

- Fundamentals of Musical Composition – Arnold Schoenberg (Composition)

-The Study of Orchestration – Samuel Adler (Orchestration)

- Orchestration – Walter Piston (Orchestration)

- Scoring the Screen – Andy Hill (Film music)

​- Mixing Audio – concepts, practices and tools – Roey Izhaki​​​​​​ (Producing & Mixing/Mastering) 

- Project Management for Musicians – Jonathan Feist (Organisational Skills) 

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