Pilar Mateo

Communications for Musicians, Entrepreneurship for Musicians, Music Business Coaching, Music Marketing

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Pilar Mateo specializes in management, production, and artist management. Currently, with Vale Acevedo, KINARA, UJI and more over management, tour mgmt, production, releases, marketing and engagement with audience. 

Previously, they worked for 2 years at a Canadian Music label and for 3 years they taught Social Media Lessons on the Youth State Area of Municipalidad de San Isidro. 

At 19 years old, Pilar Mateo performed at the opening event for the BA-Cup contest for three consecutive years in well-known courts from La Boca, including 'La Bombonera' and the Paternal’s court. She was also a singer in the 'Aurigue' Choir directed by Analía Miranda (National University of Arts). Pilar recorded choir vocals for the single 'Libres' by Mora Navarro and organized venues for bands at MOFO. Additionally, she served as a community manager and artist advisor for launches at 432Hertzios and Concept Cero. Pilar was a curator of artists and a photographer for the Folk You Mondays cycle.

Using the pseudonym PVNDORA, she showcased her skills as a singer, songwriter, and manager by releasing her first two EPs in the last two years titled 'La Fuerza' and 'Tres Tristes Temas'. Currently, she is working on a community project with colleagues in the music industry to promote mutual growth.

My teaching method for music industry topics involves sparking interactive discussions. I guide clients through pivotal questions, enabling informed decision-making. Through engaging dialogue, I navigate concepts like licensing, marketing, and digital platforms. I emphasize critical inquiries to help individuals make astute choices and develop problem-solving skills. Practical demos and case studies enrich learning, fostering tailored strategies aligned with personal goals. My goal is to install confidence in them, equipping clients to navigate the industry's dynamics and make informed decisions for success.

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