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Ramon Amira started playing the guitar at the age of fifteen, then studied classical guitar with Juan de la Mata, and flamenco guitar and dance accompaniment with the great virtuosos Mario Escudero and Sabicas. He continued his classical and flamenco guitar studies in Los Angeles with Vicente Gomez. While living in Los Angeles he was the classical guitar critic for the Los Angeles Times, and the flamenco guitar and dance critic for the L.A. Herald-Examiner. He has given numerous classical and flamenco guitar recitals and currently performs in the New York area as a classical and flamenco guitarist, and is a prominent teacher of guitar. He teaches all styles of guitar - popular, classical, and flamenco.


Jean Lim

22 August 2021

A great teacher! Very friendly and patient. I came to Ramon without knowing anything about guitars. He patiently taught me the fundamentals: how to hold and care for the instrument, how to play from sheet music, and about chords and rhythm. Through expert observation, analysis, and feedback he ensured I started with a strong foundation and then he helped me quickly build new skills into my repertoire. He’s a flexible teacher, knowledgeable, and patiently willing to let me explore different styles.

Kevin Wittkamp

3 November 2020

Ramon is a fantastic professional. He teaches with a patient and understanding demeanor while encouraging you to grow and overcome obstacles. His knowledge and skill are incredible. Highly recommend.

Steve N.

20 December 2020

Learning from Ramon has been an amazing experience. I wasn't sure I would ever fulfill my dream of playing classical guitar, but I found out Ramon taught over video chat, which fit in perfectly for my current lifestyle. His patience and knowledge has helped me achieve things I never even thought about - like learning to read music (and in a very short time period). This feat among others, would have never been possible without a wise teacher like Ramon to offer his guidance and instruction.

Mark D.

14 December 2020

Ramon is one of those very rare instructors that will actually "teach" you classical and flamenco guitar music. It is a blessing to have Ramon help me on this journey; I don't make this statement lightly. By summer 2021, I will actually start playing classical and flamenco gigs. A lot of students cannot say this. You will not go wrong being Ramon's student.

Vincent V.

11 December 2020

I came to Ramon as an experienced student looking to broaden my horizons with Flamenco. I had studied many other styles with excellent teachers 25 years prior (including some well known guitarists). Ramon is up there with the best. He has a straightforward approach and brings the history and tradition of Flamenco to life. He has quite a depth of knowledge. I would highly recommend him to beginners or experienced players for any style.

Santino N.

8 December 2020

A great teacher! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar - classical, flamenco, or any style, to study with Ramon. It’s been a dream of mine since I was in high school to learn how to play flamenco, but it’s so hard to find a teacher, a live teacher not just videos. I’m so happy I found Ramon. Classes are via online video, so it works out perfectly especially these days. I’m always impressed at his ability to hear over video. He can pick out one wrong note or a string out of tune. He really pays attention and offers just the right correction to improve my playing. I didn’t know any chords or how to read music, now I can play! It’s a lot of work and practice but I love it. On top of that, I bought my first luthier guitar through him, a Francisco Navarro. It is a thing of beauty.




















Expert, relaxed, friendly, patient lessons with a performer, teacher, music critic, author. Many years experience as a noted performer and teacher. Within a short time you will learn how to play popular, classical, or flamenco guitar, and you will be playing full and satisfying solo classical guitar pieces, or authentic flamenco guitar music, or any kind of music or songs that you like.

I give you a solid foundation of basic technique, and I focus on the kind of music you like best. With basic guitar technique you will be able to play any kind of music you like - movie themes, Broadway songs, old standards, folk, ethnic, and popular music from any era, and classical and flamenco guitar.

POPULAR - I will teach you basic technique - how to play the guitar the right way - using your fingers. When you play with your fingers you can play both melody and harmony by yourself, and so the guitar becomes a true solo instrument. And as you learn how to play I use your favorite music and songs to teach you. In a short time you will be playing all the songs and music you always wanted to play.

CLASSICAL - For classical guitar I teach in the famed tradition of the Madrid school passing down all I learned from professors of classical guitar of the University of Madrid. You will learn all of the techniques used in playing classical guitar.

FLAMENCO - Student for many years of the great virtuosos Mario Escudero and Sabicas, I teach in their legacy of authentic traditional flamenco. You will learn all of the techniques used in flamenco, and just as importantly you will learn how to play the music and make it sound like flamenco.

RAMON AMIRA - 347-602-5396 - RamonAmiraGuitars.com


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