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My name is Rebeca Torres, and I am thrilled to be your new teacher! Growing up near the Chicagoland area, I have been playing piano since I was seven years of age and have been playing for over 14 years. Before becoming a piano  teacher, I performed in various events: student recitals, showcases, Piano in the Park, nursing homes, and school & church events; furthermore, I've also received first place  twice at The Stateline Fine Arts Piano Competition (2013 and 2019). Currently, I am studying to become a concert pianist. 

Besides performing and playing piano, my second love is teaching! In 2019, I began teaching at HGS Music, a local music studio and started my own studio, BECA'S PIANO STUDIO, in 2020. For the past two years, I have taught students of various ages from preschoolers to adults, and I have spent most of 2020-2021 developing my teaching style & online presence as a Zoom piano teacher and as an Instagram piano blogger. Currently, as college student and piano teacher, my goals in life are not only to be a professional musician & teacher, but also to share the gift of music with others by guiding them through their musical journey.

Lessons with me consist of five main characteristics:

  • Technology- Together, we will use technology as an aid during each                

lesson. Games, step-by-step videos, and in depth 

instruction will help you grow as a musician.

  • Motivation -   Becoming a great pianist is not an overnight process 

 but will take some work. Though we may play and 

 struggle through difficult pieces, my job is to motivate 

 and mold you into becoming the best pianist you can 


  • Community -  Learning the piano comes with great benefits. 

 Although we will solely meet online each week, I will equip 

 you with the necessary tools for performing, preparing for 

 exams, and practicing for competitions online and in your 

 community. Not only will music bring happiness to you but 

 also to the lives of others around the globe. 

  • Creativity -     Don’t be afraid to discuss your ideas! Musicians thrive on 

 ideas. We will go over creative methods for learning 

 music. Especially in my beginner lessons for children, we 

 will use colors, animals, and other ways in order to spark 

 musical creativity. 

  • Curiosity -       Learning the piano is a lifelong adventure! Although I 

 strive for all my students to play well and share their 

 talents with others, my desire is for each of my students to

 have a lifelong curiosity for music. 

 “ Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its 

 secrets…” - Beethoven 

* Class of 2023, college junior pursuing a Bachelor’s in math/science with a minor in piano performance at Hyles-Anderson College
* Current classical piano student studying in a Chicagoland studio


  • Knowledge or finger numbers and keyboard geography 
  • Basic understanding of rhythm and counting 
  • Thorough knowledge of treble and bass clefs and staves 
  • Completion of primer lesson books 
  • Technic: pentascales and simple finger exercises, metronome practice



  • Technical abilities: introduction of two-octave scales, basic arpeggios, Hanon, Czerny, Heller, Little Pischna
  • Introduction of music cultures and styles: 
    • Baroque
    • Classical
    • Romantic
    • Post-Romantic Age (Impressionism, 20th Century, etc.)
  • Continuation of Lesson Books
  • Basic music theory: circle of fifths, intervals, chords 
  • More repertoire separate from lesson books 
    • Film and Broadway soundtracks 
    • Intermediate Classical repertoire 
    • Folk tunes
    • Children Pieces
    • Hymn arrangements
    • Pop music 
    • Intermediate New Age pieces 
  • Introduction and Application of Dynamics 


Early Advanced 

  • Technical abilities: completion of major and minor scales, arpeggios, chords, Hanon (in multiple keys), Czerny Op. 299 & Op. 740, other similar technical composers 
  • Continuation of music history, composer biographies, and cultures 
  • Focusing on developing individual style: classical, New Age/ contemporary
  • Piano Coaching on advanced pieces 
    • Clarity
    • Rhythmic Issues 
    • Expression/ Dynamics 
    • Mastery 
    • Performance Tips

Ear Training (Late Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

*Depending on the student’s goals, I’m offering this subject mainly to intermediate and advanced students who have a good foundation and understanding of reading music.*

    • Listening Skills 
      • Analyzing and identifying different songs and pieces 
      • Theory Knowledge: key signatures, circle of fifths, chords, chord progressions, melodic and harmonic structure 
      • Application of Theory in easy 3 and 4-chord songs 
      • Building upon 3 and 4- chord songs by adding embellishments and personal touch
      • Introduction into more complex music with more complex chord progressions 

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