Renán Cisneros

Composition, Contemporary Composition, Film & TV Scoring, Writer’s Block

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I am a composer specialized in music for cinema, theater and in general all kinds of artistic forms that combine visual elements with music. I love collaborating with other artists, I feel that working with different disciplines makes artistic creation something communal and much bigger than what each one could do individually.

As a composer, I've worked with filmmakers on an international level on scores that go from dark and experimental, to meditative and sometimes even playful. I've worked with ensembles and soloists on a wide variety of projects, one of my favorites is writing an hour-long piece for the carillon of the Hague, Netherlands, during the harshest lockdown of the pandemic, so that people could hear music even from the safe distance of their homes or on their daily walks. I have collaborated with music theater groups as well, on location pieces and staged performances. My interests go far and wide, and I always try to learn new things and apply them to my work. 

In my classes, I always my students to feel heard and that their voices are valid. While there is basic knowledge of theory, instrumentation, and more that needs to be learned, my focus is always on how all of this can be applied to the language that my students are seeking to develop. Creativity is something very personal and delicate. What I want is precisely to help you free your intuition and develop tools with which you can feed the ideas that often come out of nowhere and, if they are not cultivated, get lost.

There are three elements that I try to balance in my lessons:

Basic theory knowledge: Many are afraid of learning "too much" theory, because they believe that it can kill creativity. But what I precisely want to teach in my classes is a practical approach, where theoretical knowledge serves to further develop creativity.

Composition techniques: Each class I give small composition tasks, things that can be developed in the time you have available between classes, where we will explore different composition techniques and how they can be applied within the musical language that you want to develop.

Creativity: We work here in two ways, the first is on a project you are working on, for example a piece for your own instrument, a project for a competition or entrance exam, a song, etc. The second way is through improvisation exercises on your instrument. We will do this together, since I play violin and piano. With this we are seeing how to give space to musical intuition, to be able to capture ideas and then concretize them in a composition.

These three elements are present in each class, which is usually divided into 20-minute sections, so a lesson usually lasts 1 hour.

2018-2020: Amsterdam Conservatoire (Netherlands) - Master Composing for Film. Prof. Jurre Haanstra.

2013-2017: Royal Conservatoire The Hague (Netherlands) - Bachelor Music Composition. Profs. Martijn Padding, Diderik Wagenaar, Cornelis de Bondt.

2012-2013: Academy of Music of Lodz (Poland) - Preparatory year Bachelor Music Composition. Prof. Zygmunt Krauze.

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