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I'm a veteran NYC engineer with years and years of experience in well-known studios.  I've also done a good amount of live and corporate audio.  Some of the projects I've worked on have been nominated for Grammys, such as Brecker Brothers, Joan Osborne, and Dan Pugach with Nicole Zuraitis.  If you're interested in working in a music studio or getting started at home with Pro Tools, or both, I can show you the basics of audio recording (consoles, mics, outboard gear, etc.) and the fundamentals of Pro Tools, assuming you're already set up with that software.  I have been teaching audio privately for several years as well as training younger coworkers at studios, clubs, and houses of worship.  I also taught audio at Sam Ash Music Institute.  The NYC studios I've worked at include Skyline, Power Station, Water Music, and Systems Two.  I'm an honor graduate of Berklee College of Music, majoring in Music Production and Engineering, with piano as my principal instrument.

I'm a pretty enthusiastic teacher, and I like explaining things with a minimum of theory: I'd rather you fully understand microphone pickup patterns or EQ curves, for example, with emphasis on practical applications rather than being too technical.  I don't mind jumping around if it helps deepen understanding of a subject.  

Berklee College of Music, Class of 1988, graduate cum laude, majoring in Music Production and Engineering.

Textbooks are fine, but I would rather not recommend any, as I feel my purpose is to streamline the process.  If a textbook is presented to me I will check it out and see if I think it would be helpful.

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