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Robin Sherman is a bass player/composer/arranger based in New Orleans. He played bass on Iggy Pop's single James Bond, released in August of 2019.

Robin has taught private students of all ages since 2009. He co-taught an elementary school jazz band class in Baton Rouge, LA and a series of masterclasses in Washington state with renowned saxophonist Wessell "Warmdaddy" Anderson. He also taught at the FSU Summer Jazz Camp in 2012.

Robin is comfortable with many styles of music. He has performed or recorded with artists such as  Iggy Pop, Jack Sherman (formerly of RHCP), Jason Marsalis, Irvin Mayfield, Johnny Vidacovich, Jenna McSwain, Sarah Quintana and many others.

In addition to his work as a bass player, Robin has staged 4 original works of musical theater at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans since 2017, most of which he wrote, produced, composed & starred in.

Robin believes in helping students develop strong fundamentals (learning the instrument) so that they can express themselves freely. That being said, a lot of times we forget that "fun" is the first part of "fundamentals". I've developed some methods so that students can personalize the driest of practice materials and add more joy to practice time. For example, instead of a playing a scale up and down the same way every time, I encourage my students to play along to drumbeats and grooves from cultures across the globe. By doing this, you are engaging with the material like "MUSIC" (mus-ic, from the muse, inspired) rather than just an assignment.

Robin has benefited greatly from studying the lineage of great bass players in various styles such as Jimmy Blanton, Ray Brown, James Jamerson, Jaco Pastorious, Chris Squire, and countless others. Transcribing (think of it as method acting for music) the sound and playing of those who came before us is the surest route to developing our OWN SOUND. You always sound like you, but are you informed? Transcribing is also great for your ears, which are the true foundation to music. 


Bachelors Degree in Jazz from Florida State University 2014
Masters Degree in Jazz from University Of New Orleans 2016

-practice scales and other exercises slowly and accurately, but within a fun context

-learn the basslines of the greats and apply it to your own playing

Some great bass books:

Vade Mecum by George Vance

The Simandl Book

Slama etudes


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