Rosalind Wyatt


Lesson Fees
from $50.00 / 30 Minutes


I am inspired by words, particularly the sound of the human voice and the person behind it.

Language through handwriting and the forming of letters in different cultures – ultimately the universal concept of breath forming a line through writing, painting and speech. The place where calligraphy and cloth meet; the emotion held in garments as a tactile canvas to reveal the living history of an individual as found in their handwritten letters. To pick up a needle as a ‘writing tool’ and work the line in thread taking it back to the person who wrote the original — similar to listening to music where the voice of the artist comes through.  This I call, ‘writing with a needle’ — to hand stitch by hand and eye the handwriting of any individual into a garment they might have worn.

I want to work with people who share this same attention to detail and an uncompromising approach to creativity.

Rosalind holds a BA in Calligraphy and Bookbinding from Roehampton Institute (UK), and an MA from the Royal College of Art in Mixed Media Textiles. She has run her own professional studio as a freelance artist for twenty years specialising in fine art textiles, a unique approach to craft, calligraphy for the film industry, graphics for branding agencies and applied lettering for interior design. This has included speaking at global conferences, mentoring students on creative programs (UCL), and facilitating workshops for schools, communities and artists.

Visit Rosalind's website at, and find Ros on social media with #writingwithaneedle.

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