Sam Griswold


Lesson Fees
from $15.00 / 30 Minutes


I have been lucky enough to spend almost four years of my life living in Florence and in that time have fallen in love with Italy and its language and culture. As a teacher my goal is to transmit that passion and help people find their own connection—whether through history, food, soccer, art—to the bel paese.

I believe the best way to learn any language is simply to speak it as much as you can. This comes from my experience as both a student and a teacher. My aim is to create as immersive an experience as possible, where students absorb concepts naturally through their own progress and practice. Sometimes it's necessary to feel a little lost in order to get where you want to go. Mostly it's important to laugh and have fun along the way. I also aim to tailor my lessons to the individual goals and interests of each person to create dialogue people can relate to and that leaves a lasting impression.

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