Sam Kaufmann

Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rock Guitar

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They say PLAY music because it is supposed to be fun! Whether you've been playing for years or haven't even touched a guitar yet - we will get started right away enhancing the enjoyment you get from your guitar. Anyone can play, ANYONE. Beginners - I'll have you improvising music in 5 minutes. Discover the satisfaction of being proficient on your instrument. Become the guitarist you want to be. Play what YOU want to play, while still fitting it in to "theory". Let your own unique personality come out through music! In addition to technique, theory and ear training you'll learn: • How and what to practice • How to overcome self-imposed limitations • What to expect at an audition, and we can prepare together! • Prepare for "musical conversations" with other musicians when sitting-in or at jam sessions About me: Sam’s innovative style and creativity over the past 20 years has established him as one of music’s foremost composers/guitarists. A depth of credits, including multiple Emmy noms, begin at age 15: Sam was pulled from high school to accompany Maynard Ferguson at a show in his home town, he toured as lead guitarist for NKOB, and later upon graduating Berklee College of Music, Sam was hired by Michael Jackson to write music for the HIStory project. Perfect timing – he had only moved to Los Angeles 3 days prior! Sam went on to compose music for such iconic television shows such as Sightings, Modern Marvels and Biography as well as top level brand advertising for Nike, Lexus, ESPN and many more. Testimonials lauding Sam’s talent include kind words from William Shattner, Ben Deily (Lemonheads), execs at Disney, directors and producers from network shows on HBO, CBS, NBC and many other industry players.

Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Lessons available

I concentrate on covering all of the theory behind what you want to learn, keep on top of your technique, while maintaining your interest and making sure we are always being musical and playing music.


Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Lessons available

Scales, arpeggios and chords in a way that builds and improves your technique at the same time.

Student Defined Musical Pieces, Sight reading, Ear training, Rhythm Training and Theory

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