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Jazz Composition, Jazz Improvisation, Piano, Piano Composition, Pop Piano, Rock Piano

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My name is Samuel, I am a chilean who’s been settled in Brazil for seven years, I am 28 years old and I have been a musician ever since I was 10. I started off by studying classical piano in Chile, firstly through private classes and then by attending PUC – Chile (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile) for five years, where I was student of great pianists such as Beatrice Berthold. At 21 years old I moved in to Brazil, where I have graduated on the MPB and Jazz course by Conservatory of Tatuí.

Along these years, I have played at jazz festivals, combos and big bands, classical music concerts as a soloist, chamber music groups and piano recitals with copyright works and re-readings.

I currently pursue my career in São Paulo, Brazil as a pianist, arranger and director for modern and latin jazz ensembles, South American folkloric music and instrumental brazilian popular music (MPB). I am the pianist at Duo Camaleão.


As a teacher, I started my career in music schools by teaching kids, teenagers and adults the piano. I offer classical piano, improvisation, and diverse musical genres of America (such as bossa nova, jazz, samba, baião, bolero, salsa, choro, among others) classes.


I seek to guide learning through weekly goals, according to each person’s own necessities in their involvement with the music studies.

The teaching program is stabilished according to the student’s purpose with music. One of my fundamental pilars is respecting and encouraging this purpose, whichever style it is, because I understand that music has great diversity and everything has its own value and importance. Therefore, from the very start, I would like to know the student’s goal with music so we can accomplish it together.

The material (books, PDF’s, sheet music, cipher, vídeo, etc.) will be provided as classes occur, according to the student’s necessities.

All classes should be held online, through the Zoom platform. I have two avaliable cameras (one front camera and one facing the piano keyboard), besides áudio capting by microphone.


Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Conservatory of Tatuí, Brazil
Souza Lima Faculty of Music, Brazil


Classical piano:

  • Hannon;
  • Czerny - Op. 299;
  • J. S. Bach, two part inventions;
  • Movskovsky, selected studies.

Jazz and improvisation:

  • Charlie Parker - omnibook;
  • Mark Levine – Jazz Piano Book, Jazz Theory Book;
  • Realbook, Vol 1, 2, 3;
  • Oscar Peterson – Jazz piano exercises;
  • Chick Correa – Children’s songs.

Brazilian music:

  • Bossa Nova Songbook, Vol 1, 2, 3;
  • Choro Songbook, Vol 1, 2, 3;
  • MPB Songbook.

Caribbean music:

  • Rebeca Mauleon – 101 Montunos;
  • Efrain Rios – El Tres Cubano;
  • Buena Vista Social Club Songbook.

Material will be provided according to the student’s necessities and goals, the student texts stated here are examples of recommended material.

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