Santi Luruena

Clarinet, Arranging, Audition Prep, Breathing and Sound, College Audition Prep, Improvisation, Music Theory
Avg. Response Time: 4 hrs, 25 mins

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from $20.00 / 30 Minutes

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I am a freelance musician, teacher and musicologist with more than 6 years of experience teaching in public shools.  During the past years I have taught students from different ages, adults, children, beginning students...My speciality is classical music, but I also have knowledge about other styles, such as jazz, free improvisation, folk music. I studied my Bachelor in Clarinet Performance in Spain and a Master in Music in the Royal Conservatorium Antwerpen (Belgium). 

My experience as a performer goes from different Symphonic Orchestras and Wind Bands, such as the Neue Philharmonie München (Germany), OJEX (Spain), Antwerp Jeugdorkest, Nationaal Jeugdorkest (Netherlands), to different chamber music groups, woodwind quintet, quartet, string quintet, piano trio.

My interest in the new music, contemporary  music, and improvisation, has brought me to collaborate with dancers, creating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary projects in which I mix the emotional and acoustic power of the music with the energy of the dance and body expression.


My experience in education, giving private lessons and working in public schools brought me to create a teaching style in which the student concerns and development is the base and center of the spiral. I believe in a formation formed by technical development joined to the musical aspects, emotions and development of a musical consciousness and ear as the best tool of a musician.

Everyone is different from the others, and for that reason, each student will get a personalized formation with different exercises and study plan based on the needs and concerns that they require. I will be available for online lessons, questions through email and any kind of help that I could offer to the student.

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