Sara Schuchert

English, ESL, Spanish, Students with Special Learning Needs

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I am and Applied Linguist and TESL graduate who is fascinated with language learning. Over the past two decades I have taught ELD, ESL, Spanish, Public Speaking and  Social Communication in both the US and India.  I aim to increase student engagement and motivation by adding verbal, gestural, and movement lesson components to more traditional 'paper-based' language learning.  I am focused on breaking down the incremental steps of the learning process and then helping the student weave these pieces back together into a whole.  This skill is of particular value to work I do with students with Autism .  


1. B.A.  Spanish Linguistics, UCLA 1996 

2. B.A. World Arts & Cultures, UCLA 1996

3. M.A. Applied Linguistics & TESL(Teaching English as a Second Language), UCLA 2004


- Language Development, Social Communication, and English Consultant for Potentials Therapy Centre,  2011 - Present

- ELD, Social Communication, and Learning individual and group therapy- Language Development Services, 2002 - Present

- ESL, Communications & Leadership Coaching, PG&E (Regulatory Affairs) 2014-2016

- ESL teacher - San Lorenzo Unified School District Adult School in CA.  

- Behavior Intervention Development (BID) with Kayne Eras for Los Angeles Unified School District 

- Content Development and Benchmarks for English Edge e-learning module for the Indian market (w/ Liqvid, LLC) 

- Language Development Teacher and Teacher Trainer for Student Success after school intervention program  - Learning Matters, India

 -Director of English Language Development - Mid Wilshire Christian Schools (2 yrs)





I find that for any learner it is essential to establish the learner's purpose of learning the subject as well as inquire about succesful learning experiences they have had. With these in mind we can establish goals and I can customise the lesson to the student's pace and learning style - whether it be worksheets or learning through hip-hop lyrics.. I always invvlude visuals and share them ahead of time with the student to help set an agenda and give the student time and space to be as prepared as possible. These methods work for all students regardless of learning needs or differences as each lesson is customised. 

1. CA Adult Ed. Credential (Preliminary), ESBS, ESL, SPAN, SSCI, FEDU, May 2014
 2. Communication Within Movement, Supervisor Olivia Regalado, MFA , Los Angeles, 2006-2008

1. The Neurobiology of Learning: Perspectives from Second Language Acquisition, Erlbaum, 2004

2. Co-Creating Communication: Case Study Using Eye to I© Intervention, AFA, 2014

3. CBT and Eye to I© Intervention: Integrating CBT Strategies and Eye to I© Model to Enhance Social Skills in ASD, AIIMS CBT, 2017

4. Exploring the Effectiveness of the Eye to I© Intervention in Enhancing Play Behaviors: Using Play to Improve Language and Social Communication in Autism, APA Poster Publication 2020 (upcoming publication)

In addition to pulling examples of language integrated into everyday use (menus, signage, songs and videos) I use a mix of traditional memorization (for vocabulary and irregular verbs) integrated with physical actions (a bit of TPR) and written work. 

My teaching is influenced by the Burlington English Program, CASAS, Realidades series, and various other programs.

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