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My name is Sarah Wood and I have been an educator for over 10 years. I have worked in public schools, private schools and in international schools. I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, a degree in Reading K-12 and a master's degree in Educational Technology. In addition to those qualifications, I am a certified Google Educator and I am certified in Orton-Gillingham instruction. I recently moved back to North Carolina after teaching in Asia for the last 7 years at a predominant international school.  While teaching over the last 10 years I have worn many hats. I have been a classroom teacher in grades 2, 4 and 5. Led a variety of after school programs such as coding, debate, cooking, sports and academic tutoring for grades K-5. I enjoy working with students to help them gain confidence and think outside the box. 

My teaching style is tailored to the needs of the individual student. I like to create a personalized educational plan for each student that incorporates their interests. When students are involved in the planning process and are given choice, it creates more buy in for further growth. I like to create hands-on lessons that are fun and engaging. If students enjoy what they are doing they are able to go deeper and farther into the content. In addition to being fun I also make sure the lesson is challenging and rigorous for optimal growth.

When teaching I like to use an inquiry-based approach. We will begin each lesson with a question that we will further explore and investigate. 

For resources I like to use the following...for math, I like to use the Engage NY/Eureka Curriculum ( It really helps students to visualize the mathematical concepts by teaching them how to draw models. For Science, I like to use Mystery Science and MySci. Both resources have engaging lessons with easy hands on experiments. For Social Studies, I like to use C3 Inquiries. This resource allows students to use their historical thinking skills. Finally for English Language Arts I like to use EL Education. It is a very comprehensive curriculum that allows for personalization. All of these resources are researched-based and have been approved by 

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