Scotty Perey

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Born and raised in Billings, Montana, I am entering my fourth decade as a music teacher and theater coach in Eugene, Oregon, where I remained after graduating from the University of Oregon School of Music in 1994. In addition to my expertise in teaching music and theater, I have also spent my life studying foreign languages and am currently focused on translating my method into Mandarin. I also have a deep appreciation for the outdoors, especially the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in the Montana Rockies, where I have enjoyed retreating to my family cabin since 1974!

I teach all ages and levels in a wide variety of genres, piano and guitar alike. I use the keyboard to explain the fretboard in a way that I have never seen anywhere else, In fact, my guitar method is unprecedented, especially for those interested in classic rock, blues, and country-western, Conversely, I can also effectively coach those who prefer the classical piano route, with a sensitive approach to both the mechanics and interpretation of sight-reading. As described in some of the testimonials below, I do not use a standardized approach but instead customize each lesson plan specifically to the needs and desires and PASSION of each individual student.


“I've never had so much fun doing music lessons. It hardly even seems like music lessons. It's like hanging out with your best friends and creating music while you're taught how different instruments work and how to play them.” ~Cicely Blackwell

"I always walk into music lesson feeling kinda meh, but then I feel disappointed when I have to leave!" ~Keaton Rebar, 14

“A Monday without Scotty is like a Monday without Sunshine!” ~Char Heitman, adult songwriting student” ~Char Heitman, adult songwriting student

"It may not be obvious Scotty, but you absolutely helped this boy make it through middle school." ~Julie Voelker-Morris, mother of Isaac

“Scotty gives of himself more than any teacher I have met… He extends the range of professionalism… Anyone who works with Scotty should consider themselves utterly gifted!” ~Lola Broomberg, Imagine That Summer Adventure Camps

“I’ve been doing this for forty years, and you’re the best I’ve ever worked with!” ~Becky Rubino

“Scotty is something else. I've had music lessons in multiple instruments with many different teachers over the years, playing in everything from the Eugene Youth Symphony to a sitar and tabla ensemble in Jaipur, India, and I can truthfully say I have never met a better musician than Scotty. A word of warning, though: Don't ask him about linguistics. I made this mistake a few times and wasted an entire guitar lesson. A fascinating hour of conversation with Scotty, but not a string was strummed. Apologies to Dos Equis, but the most interesting man in the world is Scotty Perey.” ~Tor Parsons

“You make [music lessons] so incredibly fun, the best way to learn music in my opinion. You are an amazing teacher and such an amazing friend! It's been an honor to work with you for so long. One of the best human beings out there! I could not be more grateful for all that you have taught me over the years, and I could not be more honored to consider you one of my closest friends. Thanks for everything you do Scotty!” ~Emily Sangder, 2019 Vocalist of the Year, Berklee College of Music

“Scotty has been my biggest musical influence, and has opened so many doors for me in my life...he has helped me become who I am in and outside of music, and continues to inspire me with his energizer-bunny work ethic and endless creativity.” ~Jack McGaughey, graduate of Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts (LIPA) and keyboardist for The Bluejays [the “UK’s most authentic 1950s vintage rock and roll band”, the winners of The National Vintage Award for Best Entertainment, and described by Vintage Rock Magazine as “the real rock ‘n’ roll deal!” and by Queen’s Brian May as “a wonderful band” after sitting in with them at his daughter’s wedding]

“Thanks a whole bunch for being the best music teacher of all time!!! Your class is super fun, and you always come up with amazing songs.” ~Jane and Hugh Brinkley

“I'm speechless Scotty. Above the moon with gratitude for you and your beautiful gift of music. Music has saved my life many times and continues to become a really important and nourishing outlet for my life growth. It's such a gift to be able to give and share with people like you. Mucho amor!”  ~Mariah

I’m still flying high from our lesson! Thank you so much. I feel like a part of my brain was tapped for the first time!”   ~Heather, adult student

“I told [my husband] Randy tonight ‘so many music teachers just have their way of teaching kids. Scotty learns about the kid and then decides how to teach.’ You have a beautiful gift my friend!” ~Greta Sangder

“I appreciate your creativity, your depth and breadth of knowledge of all things music related!, also your positive energy and can-do spirit. I love how you find a way to bring out the BEST in people and find and praise their strengths yet also coach and give feedback on things that need improvement. But your suggestions are always couched as positively and hopefully as possible. You have a way of wording a current ‘weakness’ as a potential future strength. You are funny, fun-loving, witty, kind, intelligent, sincere, visionary, dynamic, and just an all around great guy and phenomenal musician and music teacher.” ~Char Heitman

“Scotty -  I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for what a great time Oliver has had this summer in Imagine That.  My somewhat shy kid has been blazing around the house singing at full volume all the songs that will be revealed tomorrow!  What you and the other teachers do for our kids is very special and makes a lasting mark. Thank you!” ~Sarah

“Lily has blasted through the ear training pages.  I think she got through the first six mystery songs and  often wakes up and goes right to the piano to play. Thanks for stoking her love of music!“ ~Katie Lynch

“Being a shy singer, feeling safely supported and not pushed allowed me to open up and learn a ton! These programs will match your unique style and integrate music that interests YOU!” ~Student

“Thank you so much... for introducing Jacob to this incredible experience... It’s wonderful to see him pick up an instrument and play, and you were such an inspiration.” ~Ilirija

“You are, far and away, the expert on such things! [kid’s talent shows]” ~Kim Shrum, Saturday Market Entertainment Coordinator

“Our fourth grade son has been with Scotty two years now, studying piano and working with one of the bands Scotty fosters. It's been an amazing experience for him, and he's learned and grown tremendously with Scotty Perey as his teacher.  His playing, understanding of music theory, and composing have all been very impressive highlights. Scotty does an amazing job of working with young kids, with all their energy and intensity. Our son doesn't slow down much, but Scotty keeps him engaged and having a great time, and learning an impressive amount at the same time. We're so grateful to have Scotty as our son's teacher, he's taken a genuine interest in his musical growth and it shows.” ~Band Mom

Scotty is my piano / music teacher! He is very good at placing the goalposts just beyond where you think you can reach and showing you the stuff you didn't know you needed to know, and is ready to go down any music theory rabbit hole you care to jump into.” ~Zac Bond

“Scotty Perey blends many talents: he is a personable communicator who connects with all ages of kids, an exuberant professional keyboardist, a flexible and knowledgeable piano instructor, and a committed partner in the musical development of kids. I’ve been convinced of the results of this awesome combination of skills as I’ve seen my two children grow in their love of and quality of piano playing. One of my children is now imaginatively going into blues and improv while the other delves into classical music -- so Scotty follows their individual interests and shares the lead with them on where they go musically. Scotty even blends in percussion and vocals, according to each child’s desire. Their progress has been fast and people often comment on how well they play for their ages. // The children are learning music theory integrated into their music playing, which avoids the drudgery of conventional memorization of theory. In an age of too much information, it’s wonderful that this learning process is hands-on. Similarly, Scotty does not require rote repetition of scales or other potentially off-putting exercises, which helps keep naturally alive the children’s interest in playing. When kids come to the delicate age of needing to be “cool,” Scotty wisely encourages them to also play the kind of music that attracts them, and thereby the students are less tempted to drop piano playing. // I have noticed a sense of involvement in the lives of students and in the community that add depth to Scotty Perey’s teaching. He is a great role model for young people and his commitment, idealism, skill, and flexibility make him the finest of music teachers.” ~Katherine Bragg

Musical Direction and Other Theater Experience

University of Oregon

     Chimera (1992)      co-composer, gamelan performer

     A John Cage Dance Celebration (1992)      producer, director, conductor, pianist

     Pippin (1993)     accompanist

Actor’s Cabaret of Eugene (1993 - 2000)

     Really Rosie      musical director

     Free To Be You And Me      musical director

     The Adventures of Huck Finn      musical director, original screenplay

     Assassins      accompanist, vocal coach

     Passion      accompanist, vocal coach

     Three-Penny Opera      musical director

     HAIR!      musical director, on-stage performer

     Z! The Masked Musical (world premiere)      vocal coach, supporting actor

Churchill High School

     Superman: The Musical (2000)      musical director

Spencer’s Butte Middle School

     Bye Bye Birdie (2003)      musical director

Willamette Repertory Theater

     Woody Guthrie: An American Song (2000)      musical director

     Always Patsy Cline (2004)      musical director

Lord Leebrick Theater

     Mother Courage (2007)      musical director

The Shedd Institute

     Magical Moombah “Vaudeville Variety Show for Kids” (2002 - 2018)      musical director, actor, musician, professional wrestler


Teaching and Coaching

Private Music and Theater Instruction (1990 - present)

Group Instruction, Workshops, Camps, and Seminars (2007 - present)

Imagine That Summer Adventures    “The best music-theater camp in the universe.”      musical director (2001 to present)

The Music Compass Outdoor Education Adventures (2008 to present)

  • “Scotty Camp #1”

  • “Scotty Camp #2”

  • “Little Lava Lake Family Music Camp #1”

  • “Little Lava Lake Family Music Camp #2

KIDFEST! Open Mic Variety Show For Kids (1995 - 2003)


Other Performing Experience

  • Accompanist  - Lewis & Clark Junior High, Billings Senior High School Choirs (1980 - 1986)

  • Section Leader (tenor) - Billings Senior High School Choirs (1984 - 1986)

  • The Northwesters  -  “Billings’ Best Barbershop” (1984 - 1986)

  • The Sugar Beets  - “Eugene’s House Band” (1990 - present)

  • Bella Steel - “Rock and Roll Revived” (2017 - to present)


Band Management


Broken Physics


Chaos Bear

Lazer Flip

Solar Flare

The Cowdogs

The Radioactive Burritos

The Sub Pilots

The Troublemakers

The Window Sharks


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Private Piano Instruction, Cheryl Pittack, Billings, MT (1973 - 1980) Private Piano Instruction, Jean Roher, Billings, MT (1980 - 1986) Bachelor’s of Music, Composition, cum laude, University of Oregon School of Music (1994) AWARDS AND ACCOLADES: Lorraine Close Music Fellowship, University of Oregon School Of Music (1991 - 1993) Winner, Willamette Valley Folk Festival New Song Contest for “I’d Give My Life To Live On   Broadway” - University of Oregon (1996) “Best Male Performer” in Eugene Weekly’s “Best Of” Readers’ Poll (2004)

As mentioned above, I do not use any "one size fits all" method, but rather, I create a unique curriculum for the individual student with supplementary material of my own design, including graphics, videos, and e-books that have been and continue to be in development for over twenty years running at present.

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