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My name is Sergio Santos, guitarist and native of Miami, Florida. I have had the great fortune of studying with some of the best music teachers and professors in South Florida in some of our finest institutions. I attended high school at the esteemed New World School of the Arts during which time I received accolades for my jazz improvisation skills from DownBeat magazine as well as being presented with an "outstanding soloist" distinction by Wynton Marsalis at the age of 16 at the Essentially Ellington big band competition. I received my bachelor's degree at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami where I studied in the studio of the great jazz guitar guru, Randal Dollahon. 

Since my graduation in 2011 I've also had the great blessing of being able to teach and perform not only here at home in South Florida but around the world on cruise ships as well as having lived and worked in Asia and Europe.

My combined experience in an intense conservatory setting, showbands, and street venues has made me a very well rounded guitarist  in a variety of genres including but not limited to jazz, rock, blues, pop and latin styles. I am comfortable playing in a group or by myself, lead or accompaniment roles, acoustic or electric.  My style emphasizes greatly on improvisation but is not limited to the jazz genre in this regard. I also have a great passion for solo guitar finger style playing.

I consider music to be my true passport as it has allowed me to feel very comfortable in whatever musical setting I find myself in in the world. I love the adventure of going to new places, be it a gig or jam session in Scotland, Shanghai, or Amsterdam, be it jazz, rock or bluegrass and feeling like I can immediately join in on the musical task at hand. I've made many friends like this and have had and continue to look forward to fulfilling and challenging musical experiences anywhere and everywhere.



My teaching style is curated to fit the needs of the individual student. 

If you are a beginner there will be a GREAT emphasis on proper technique and learning the essentials that will allow you to tackle any future challenges. I like to focus on not developing or removing bad habits early.

If you are not a beginner then my emphasis will be on theory and advanced techniques. I like to focus on improvisation and lead playing but also on accompaniment. I want to make sure students understand theory and technique from the bottom up so they feel they are prepared for different live playing situations. 

If you are not trying to be the next guitar God but are more interested in learning guitar to accompany your singing or as a songwriting aid we can attack learning the fundamentals from that angle as well. Again, all lessons are curated to the individual student.

My goal for any student is to gain enough fundamentals and understanding for them to teach themselves what they need to when challenges arrive.

New World School of the Arts High School Diploma

Frost School of Music University of Miami Bachelor's of Music

Including but not limited to:

The Jamey Abersold Series (great for jazz improv!)

Melodic Rhythms for Guitar (great for sight reading!)

Real Books

Classical material as well for fundamentals:

Carcassi Etudes, Leo Brouwer Simple Studies


Motown, Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Prince, Chilli name it.

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