Shokri Badakian

Acoustic Guitar, Arabic, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Classical Piano, Drums, Electric Guitar, English, Gospel Piano, Guitar, Keyboard, Organ, Piano, Pop Piano, Worship Piano

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I am Shokri Badakian, I have been professionally playing Piano, Guitar (Classic, Electric and Acoustic), Bass and Drums for over 18 years and teaching for more than 10 years either in person and online, I am known for my exceptional teaching techniques that are easily understood by all levels and that align with the interests of the students, I teach all levels of Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) with variety of genres and playing styles.

I also have a YouTube channel with 800K Subscribers and through that platform I was able to have a large number of students whom I taught and who progressed drastically in a short time, one of which I am so proud of is "Karam" who is 7 years old and can already play pieces for Beethoven and Mozart perfectly on piano.

In addition to the online teaching experience, I also used to teach at DOREME music center, as well as RMA academy in Lebanon. Moreover, I held group classes for over 20-25 students/class in 2019-2020 and then stopped when COVID started.

Moreover, I have been weekly playing live on TV (Sat7 TV) for years now as a part of the church's band, either on Piano, Guitar, Bass or Drums.

So lastly, I have a very long experience in playing and teaching that I am sure is exceptional, and based on my students' reviews I am the best teacher out there :) I always get new learners from recommendations by my students to their friends which always shows me I'm on the right track.

With regards to languages, I was born and lived in Jordan/Lebanon my entire life, where Arabic is my native tongue, I used to give Arabic lessons to a group of American people for years as a part of CIEE and Amideast programs for studying abroad. In addition, I travel a lot and most of my friends are Americans which is where I use my fluent English language and accent, in addition to teaching English to my Arab and Chinese friends, so my language teaching skills are so advanced, and I have certain ways of practically teaching the students so that they can learn faster and without being bored.

My teaching style is very interactive, I always teach what the student is really interested in learning, which involves me first giving the theoretical part then showing the student how it's done on the instrument then asking the student to try it, then I correct their mistakes, I am very patient and always have a good spirit for teaching as it is my passion. Moreover, I usually send what we took in each lesson (The material) either lesson by lesson or for a group of lessons. In addition, after each lesson, I usually send a video of me playing the exercise on the instrument slowly so that the student can have it for later to help in applying what was learned, especially useful in drums.

With regards to languages, it is a very similar technique which is based mostly on walking through the lesson and using what was learned in practical examples and conversations, then giving something to work on and try.

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