Stephan Seguin

Piano, Keytar, Classical Piano, Jazz Piano, Keyboard, Piano Composition, Pop Piano, Rock Piano

Lesson Fees
from $30.00 / 30 Minutes


Hey there! My name is Stephan, and I make music!

Ever since I was little, I've heard music in my head. My life's passion has been capturing that music in any way I can, be it composing on a computer, playing it out on piano/keyboard, or on whatever musical device I have handy!

I was self taught for a while, but eventually went to music college, where I honed my skills in theory, ear training, and digital music production, as well as broadened my musical horizons with genres like jazz. 

I've been composing since I was 9 years old, and do so professionally to this day, for visual media (video games, YouTubers, etc) such as the game Super Gear Quest.

If you'd like to learn to compose, or would just like to be able to play piano/keyboard, I'd be happy to help!

I alter my style entirely around what works for the student and what they are looking to achieve. I've taught out of kids books for the younger students, and made entire lesson books from scratch with older ones. You tell me what you want to accomplish, and I'll sort out the best path to it! :)

Associates of Keyboard Technology, Musician's Institute, Hollywood CA

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