Stephen Tamas

Alto Sax, Saxophone, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax

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I recently graduated from the Boston Conservatory and am continuing my education with a Master of Music at Boston University.  I specialize in classical music ranging from baroque to contemporary.  My mentors include Philipp Stauedlin, Kenneth Radnofsky, Steven Banks, and Eric Hewitt.  

Classical training is fundamental to understanding the saxophone.  From there, a student can branch off into any aspect of saxophone playing whether it be jazz, funk, rock, or anything that needs a sax! My goal is to help the student not only master the technical aspects of saxophone playing, but understand ALL music to an incredibly deep emotional level.

Before each lesson, I like to get an idea of what my student is looking for.  Are they auditioning for a state/higher level school band?  Are they learning for fun?  Or are they looking for something more long term?  Based on this, I can assign music that will push them towards their goals.  

I have a detailed curriculum that all my students go through.  For beginners, it will be along the lines of whatever the student is learning at their school but as they progress, we can move faster through more advanced work.  Each lesson will be broken down into technique and bigger pieces.  

Bachelors of Music, minor in Philosophy, With Honors - Boston Conservatory
Masters of Music - Boston University

Awards - 50% Conservatory Scholarship - Boston Conservatory
75% Merit Based Scholarship - Boston University

Beginner Texts - Rubank Intermediate, Universal Method, Zinn and the Art of Saxophone Books 1 and 2, Concert and Contest, Charlie Parker Omnibook

Intermediate Texts - Zinn and the Art of Saxophone Books 3 and 4, Ferling Etudes, Top Tones, Beginning Larger Repertoire, Cannonball Adderly Transcription Book, John Coltrane Omnibook

Advanced Texts - Zinn and the Art of Saxophone Books 5 and 6, Advanced Repertoire, Introductioin to Contemporary Classical Music, Micheal Brecker Transcription Book

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