T-Claw Crawford

Cooking, Dance, Music


T-Claw is a professional dance caller and musician with 20 years of organizing experience.  He’s a passionate community-driven instigator for traditional music and dance, frequently employing unorthodox methods for maximum engagement.  Growing up in Nashville, TN, he played mostly punk and jazz, all the while fighting for human rights, social justice, and better biscuits.  In college, he crowd-surfed his way into an old-time barn storm and dove into strengthening networks of American social music and dance. Touring all of the lower 48 states and abroad he can boast a near perfect record for getting people to hold hands with strangers, laugh, and let go. With T-Claw, everyone is always invited.  He dances in the kitchen with his wife and two girls every day and works to gather community for a healthier, happier world.

Inclusivity. You gotta work with where people are at. 

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