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I'm a bit out of the box for an educated voice teacher. Most other college level teachers are classical leaning.  But many of today's singers want to learn textures and raspy sounds, and how to hit those powerful high notes with ease without sounding operatic.  Curious? Book a 15 minute free trial lesson. My goal is to help singers of all levels learn (nonclassical) styles sung by commercial pro-singers in various genres, and sound authentic doing it.  I have over 20 years experience teaching modern and old school styles: Pop, Rock, Metal, RnB, Jazz, Folk, Americana, Country, Musical Theatre, and Songwriting.  And my lessons are fun! I'm a Certified Voice Technician, Contemporary Vocal Coach, a Singer and a Songwriter.  I probably have been where you. I didn't think I had "that type of voice"  either. Now I know differently.  Did you know you're not "stuck with" the voice you have? Your voice is a choice.  Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyaLfnJHA9M   

My lessons are fun, based on the student's needs, and you'll be making all kinds of quirky noises. So be prepared to laugh a lot while you are replacing the limitation of old thoughts and habits. I am a Certified Voice Technician, so I will create vocal exercises specifically for your voice. Nothing generic or one-size-fits all, no boring warm-ups, breathing exercises or the same old scale runs.  And I'll explain why. My coaching is based on anatomy, acoustics and phonetics.  Not only will I help you sing better, but I will also educate you how the voice works. so you can help yourself. It's the old "teach a man to fish" saying.

You will also learn to hear singers differently.  I'll break it down into parts and make it simple. It takes the fear out of it. And you'll soon learn that most any style is within your reach. We will listen to singers you like, I'll explain what they are doing with their voices mechanically, how to make that sound, and also the stylistic elements of that genre. They were not born with it. It's a choice. You'll discover what your own voice is capable of doing.  By the way, did you know there are 7 basic raspy sounds you hear non-classical vocalist use?  Did you know that 6 of them are NOT coming from your vocal folds and are not damaging?

I love teaching singing and seeing the looks on faces when someone does something they thought they'd never be able to do.  This often happens in the very first lesson!  It's exciting.  Curious? Book a 15 minute free trial lesson.

I've been teaching music in some form or other since 1987. I furthered my education by completing an intensive course on vocal exercise design at New York Vocal Coaching to become a Certified Voice Technician. I was the first US teacher to be accepted at the Advanced Voice Teacher Training Retreat from The Vocal Process in the UK, and I'm an honors alumna of Boston's Berklee College of Music's On-line Certification program in songwriting.

In 2017, I began taking private instruction from an Extreme Vocals Coach for 3 years, learning how to do and to teach distorted and raspy vocals. I was so happy to finally be able to sing hard rock music and not hurt myself.  And even more excited that I could pass this on to my students.

I have been teaching voice since 1991 when I got my degree in music/vocal. College taught me classical styles, but that sound wasn't what I was wanting to teach,  so I set off to study with instructors who are experts in other genres. I was surprised to find out that classical training does not carry over to most other styles and I got to learn whole new ways to use my voice.  I'd love to teach you too!

My father and mother were both teachers: father in mathematics and drafting, and mother in arts and crafts, making me left-brain/right-brain: analytical but playfully creative. A perfect combination to be a voice teacher. I have a great attention for detail and I love to hear people laugh a lot while learning.  I am fun, honest, encouraging and authentic.

I have a lot ot tools for ear training and general basics about singing to get you on your way. Been teaching voice for over 20 years. I specialize in styles like folk, country, jazz, rock, blues, etc. Which is a very different way of singing than classical or Opera styles.  I'll like to share more if we could do a quick 15 minute zoom chat? You can set up a date and time here: 15 minute free consultation

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